An enlightenment of the Brotherhood of Frot



An enlightenment of the Brotherhood of Frot


Hello, I am Koco and several days ago I had the good fortune to come across a Frot practitioner on the net. He enlightened me with certain aspects of my life that I was not aware of and told me about this site.

I just want to take the time to thank you for the info on M2M frot. I never knew that existed and now I have a definition of what I like in men. I never have been into anal. The mere enjoyment of physical contact with another man is what I like to do with men. I read the web site and I felt like I found a home.

I found a lot of the frot articles were talking to me. I have always been attracted to guys but I have never been interested in any anal action. This helps me define my sexuality and pleasures. This is exactly what I like to do with men, but I was ignorant in the fact that it had a name.

I have felt this way about men for a long time and was always reluctant to participate in the gay world because of the whole anal thing. I did have limited encounters with other dudes in my young teens and it was mostly mutual jacking and rubbing with each other. But, as I got older and attemped to delve into the gay world ; I always felt out of place because other guys always wanted to go places I did not want to go. I feel a sudden connection with you and the frot group. Thanks for hearing me out, I just feel relieved that I am not alone.

I feel that I have found the brotherhood that is right for me.

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