my frot experience

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my frot experience


my frot experience

i have always thought cock-rubbing was highly erotic. two men, cock-to-cock, toe-to-toe, chest-to-chest, face-to-face, in an intimate embrace has always been a turn-on for me. i have always wanted to find other men who were into this. i hope to connect w/someone someday soon who shares my passion.

i once met this black guy named robert through one of those phone dating services. he was 5'9 190 8" cut nice flat belly well-defined pecs big biceps. he was a manual laborer and showed it. my first time with him we did dick2dick contact, rubbing our cocks against each other. i loved the feel of his firm body in my arms. we came all over each other. he put a lot of effort into cumming and he was wasted after he shot his load. he'd collapse in my arms and i'd hold on to him tightly and stroke his hair as he regained his strength.

sometimes after we came all over each other we'd fall asleep next to each other. i loved the presence of his manly warm body next to me as we slept. sometimes too we'd shower together afterward. we'd soap each other up and jack each other off in the shower.

unfortunately robert was a drifter. he moved on and i have not seen him for awhile. i miss my fellow cockrub warrior and i hope to meet another someday soon.

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