Fidelity, Bonding, and



Fidelity, Bonding, and Masculinity


I ran across your website while doing some research on Greek life. I read your entries with great interest and want to tell you that the layout and contents were extremely well done. The ideas that you put forth I agree with totally. I am an older gay man who has seen the rise of buttfucking and its resulting AIDS infections destroy the lives of many gay men. What you are proposing is a return to some values that seemed to have disappeared over the ages: Fidelity, Bonding and Masculinity. The world has a terrible conception of gay men as being frivolous and extremely promiscuous. We cannot expect the world's recognition unless we erase that picture. Bonding gives security to gaymen in their lives and grows to a strong love over the years. Bonding is the first and the most important step in any relationship. It is sorely lacking in the gay circles of today. Yet without bonding the sexual becomes a game of self-centered physical release.

And yes the love one man to another is noble.

The Greek ideal of warrior bonding gave total fulfillment to the sexual. The frot enabled two men to come together not in imitation of hetero coitus but in a body to body and cock to cock meeting preserving their masculinity. Anal intercourse I agree makes one the subject of another rather than the meeting of a proud masculinity.

Every day at the gym, I see men who shy from taking pride in their masculinity. Culture over time has influenced us not to enjoy the sight of naked men. In many cultures men took pride in their genitalia and were not guilt-ridden to be exposed. Your sites on the Greeks should be read by all men. Whether straight, gay or bi, men should enjoy sex that is not necessarily procreative. The anal sex rage is certainly not the meeting of two men equally but of submission of one to the other. Women's Lib has raised their long oppressed status finally and coital sex should be on an equal basis. Frot is the meeting of man to man on an equal basis. Anal sex is mimicking an out-of-date male/female coitus. I hope that whoever reads this note will take it upon himself to spread this information especially to gaymen by sending them to your websites. It is time for gaymen to stand up and return to their masculinity and for straight men to throw out their repressions. I hope you continue this work. It is much needed.


Re: Fidelity, Bonding and Masculinity



This post of yours is full of commonsense - as are so many of the posts on this great site and to which I would love to add if time were only to allow me.

Man to man sex is all about men facing one another as equals - man to man, body to body, cock to cock in a proud display of masculinity. As Bill, yourself and many others have said over and over again (and it is a view with which I heartily agree), anal sex has no place at all in this.

For me, cock to cock, frottage, hugging, embracing, kissing passionately.............all these embrace the warrior brother ideal and it is something we have to reiterate to all those who don't seem to understand what good all male sex entails.

Carry on the great work brothers and keep spreading the message. If anyone comes to London by the way and wants to put any of this into practice, please do not hesitate to contact me !

Bearhugs to all my warrior brothers


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