I am finally home



I am finally home



You don't know how long I have waited to find another man who wants to be masculine. I have been searching for a man who likes to be a man and be with a man. My life long desire is to have a relationship with one man who wants real sex with another man with full body, dick to dick, contact. I have always thought that sex with a man involved getting their dicks against one another. Any other variation is just as easy with a woman.

I am married and have never been unfaithful to my wife with another woman. I have always wanted to share my other side with another man who would share his dick with my dick. A real man knows how to relate to another man and they can share real passion. While I have had a few male to male encounters, they were generally unfulfilling because the other man wanted oral or anal sex. Most encounters just wanted to climax not bond.

I met one man who was in the military who shared my enjoyment of full body contact. He traveled into town from the base about an hour away. We shared each other in every way, always dick to dick, full body contact, full male kissing and hugs. I cannot tell you how fulfilling this relationship was. It lasted over a year before he had to go overseas.

During this relationship, I never had a desire to be unfaithful to him. He and I were able to share not only our passion, but we shared masculinity attending sporting events and activities. My life was complete. I lost contact with him after he went overseas.

Until I found your site, I was resigned to never have this type of relationship again. I hope to be able to find someone through your website. This site is extremely arousing because it is just what I have been searching for, but my real desire is to find another man who is willing to share his manhood with my manhood and bond.

I feel I am finally home.

Thanks for all you are doing to get the word out about what real man to man sex is.


David McQuarrie

Re: I am finally home


That's a great post David. Welcome to the site, we're glad you found it.

It's good knowing you're not alone in how you feel.

Best of luck to you bud!!

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