Men before Freud



Men before Freud


This is a website that raises some interesting points. I feel that our society is sadly diminished because men are no longer allowed to express this type of affection that was so prevalent in the late 19th and early 20th century: Dear Friends

If men took pictures together like this today, they wouldn't be labeled as just "gay", they'd be called screaming, flaming faggots, and quite possibly put their lives at risk for doing nothing more than expressing *affection*, regardless of whether or not they chose to express themselves sexually as well.

And that's WRONG. Every fiber, every cell, every iota of my soul screams that it's wrong. No one should feel afraid for their lives simply because they're close friends with someone. Ever.

Eric aka Wolfdaddy

Robert Loring

Re: Men before Freud


I completely agree with you Wolfdaddy. The pics on the site you mention speak of masculinity and naturalness. How sad for our own society that we are so homophobic that we cannot even accept two men touching each other in any form much less poseing close together. Most people today would consider these pics as "gay" yet I don't think they are. Rather, I think they reflect true masculinity as these men were unafraid to express their feelings towards eachother. Seeing this from past centuries speaks volumes against our present society. How sad.

Sir Robert


Re: Men before Freud


Well, Sir Robert, let's also remember, though, that the societal attitudes represented in these images are right at 100 years. That's an amazingly short time for such great change. Let's change it back! :-)


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