wrestling with a friend



wrestling with a friend


I remember my first time with a good friend of mine. We were play wrestling, and after awhile it was obvious we both had a hard on and I did not know what to do about it, I was at first embarrised about it. However, my friend look at me and embrased me. We stripped down to our underwear, he embrassed me close to his body and my member, and we rubbed against eachother for awhile. We later shed our underwear, we faced eachother, and my friend stroked our members together. We both came, and I remember how intense the feeling was. I suppose one man knows what the other likes? And what pleasures a man? I never did know what to call our experience, but finding your website has helped me out. For a time we would get together and frot until he moved away. Wish I could find another man who is into this. Thanks for listening.


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