Frot Promotional Slogans...Just For Fun



Frot Promotional Slogans...Just For Fun


Hello guys:

One of my hobbies is listening to old radio programs on cassettes and CDs. This weekend I listened to old commericals...the jingles brought back a lot of memories. I got to thinking that, as we work to promote Frot, we might benefit by using some catchy slogans Here's some I thought of:


Frot: Warrior tested. Mother approved.


Aren't you glad you do frot? Don't you wish everybody did?


Masculinity, Fidelity, and Frot: Innovations for the good life.


Frot. 99 and 44/100ths percent pure. It rocks.


Frot: Think outside the buns.


Fidelity: The company you keep.


I'd rather frot than swish.


Ain't I a stinker? Can you guys think of any more?

Bearhugs, David

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