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Thanks for putting into words what I have been thinking for the past 20 years. I am referring to your article in BAY TIMES, Rethinking Gay Sex.

Such a simple solution for a complex problem.

Intimacy, touching, closeness, and manual fun sound just as gay sex positive as any kind of act that may result in disease and death. I too am dismayed at the pretty boy posters of positive guys. I guess my mind is still stuck with the ghastly images of all the dead friends and lovers I've lost during these past two decades.

Your life-affirming perspective does not stop with gay people either. Straight folks have a lot to learn about preventing unplanned pregnancies and STD's too.

Good job.



Bill Weintraub

Re: Frot to Trot


thanks danny

re "simple solution"

chuck tarver, dr edward green, and i have been talking about simple solutions recently

alcoholism -- stop drinking (AA)

lung cancer -- stop smoking (ACS)

HIV, HPV, HSV, hep c, hep b, gonorrhea, etc -- stop doing anal ( M2M Alliance)

in each case there's a simple and low cost solution

and in no case is the individual poorer for having chosen it

no one needs alcohol, cigarettes, or anal "sex"

and in the case of anal, not only is there an alternative, but it's far more pleasurable

so what's preventing this solution from being implemented?

vested interests

we now have a huge AIDS industry which supports AIDS Service Organizations, safer-sex educators, condom manufacturers, lube purveyors, pharmaceutical companies, and doctors, nurses, and a host of other "health care providers"

if you don't do anal -- you don't need any of that

AA -- to its eternal credit -- has refused to become commercial

so there are now clinics which charge people tens of thousands of dollars to tell them the same thing:

if you're an alcoholic -- you need to stop drinking

it's a simple solution -- and it's also the only solution

there's a fantasy among analists that a microbicide will be developed which will make anal safe

but just as soon as that microbicide appears, pathogens will start evolving to work around it and continue to use anal as a vector -- a direct route into the blood

there's a simpler, more pleasurable, and more intrinsically human solution:



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