Gay Day 2002
Pride and Freedom


Bill Weintraub

Gay Day 2002: Pride and Freedom


Well in advance of last year's Gay Pride festivities I suggested that people put together Frot contingents to march in their local parade and/or to staff a booth.

No one followed through on that suggestion, and for various reasons I didn't get around to suggesting it this year.

But you have to be clear: you can't just hide out on the net all your life and hope things are going to change.

And then weep and moan when they don't.

You have to abandon your closet and reclaim your masculinity and with it your right to make love the way you want to.

And you have to do it publicly -- there's no other way.

Of course there's still time for you to make a sign that says "I Love Frot."

But even if you're not willing to do that, it's important for your own sake that when you're at Gay Pride celebrations over the weekend, you're clear with other men about what you like -- frot aka cock2cock and dick2dick -- and don't like -- anal.

And other things too.

Don't like drag? Then don't laugh and applaud when you see it.

Tired of sleaze? Then don't cheer on the really raunchy floats.

Gay Pride is about coming out. It's not about mindless obedience to a set of self-destructive cultural rules.

So don't go along to get along.

Many of you are already out as gay or bi men.

Now you have one more step to take on your journey.

You have to come out as a man into frot.

If you do that, this communal Gay Pride Day will become your personal Gay Freedom Day -- and a day of freedom for men into frot all over the world.




Recently one of our contributors told me that he doesn't consider gay male society a culture.

But it is a culture and you can't make sense of it, let alone understand the domination of anal sex within that culture, unless you see it that way.

So I've pasted in here a quote from the UK anthropologist A. R. Radcliffe-Brown.

As it happens he's discussing the Andaman Islands pigmies, but people are people and culture is culture -- they both behave predictably.

Which is why I'm confident that social scientists will soon be looking at the dominant culture of anal penetration among gay men in terms similar to Radcliffe-Brown's.

Of course I've gotten there ahead of the bunch, but they'll catch up -- academia is full of what Gore Vidal calls scholar-squirrels, and they all need something to do.

In the meantime, if you have a sociological bent, try reading R-B's five propositions, and keep them in mind as you attend the Gay Pride ceremonies this weekend:

  1. A society depends for its existence on the presence in the minds of its members of a certain system of sentiments by which the conduct of the individual is regulated in conformity with the needs of the society.

  2. Every feature of the social system itself and every event or object that in any way affects the well-being or the cohesion of the society becomes an object of this system of sentiments.

  3. In human society the sentiments in question are not innate but are developed in the individual by the action of the society upon him.

  4. The ceremonial customs of a society are a means by which the sentiments in question are given collective expression on appropriate occasions.

  5. The ceremonial (i.e. collective) expression of any sentiment serves both to maintain it at the requisite degree of intensity in the mind of the individual and to transmit it from one generation to another.

    Without such expression the sentiments involved could not exist.

A. R. Radcliffe-Brown

The Andaman Islanders

Cambridge (Cambridge University Press, 1933) pp 233-34.


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