John Renard

This was the opening salvo in our campaign to get to add a page on frottage.

Bill Weintraub



Warrior John Renard wrote the following email to, and he cc'ed a copy to me:

Subject line: Not safer sex, but safe sex

Gentlemen and Ladies:

Please accept this very direct plea for sanity with regards to your imparting advice to your readers. Give time and space to frottage as a sensible and viable approach to safe and sane male to male sex. Poor Richard's advice is still quite applicable, "An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure." There is a way for males to enjoy intimacy with other males, and not endanger themselves in the process.

John Renard

Thank you Warrior John.

Let's get 10 more letters like this one sent to, with a cc to

8 posts and some protests got us an article in -- and we may get a second article.

So let's aim our sights at, and tell them we want discussion of frot as a safe alternative to anal.

Every article, and every webpage that goes up, helps change the cultural climate and makes life better for everyone -- including you.

Faint heart ne'er won fair lady dudes, and your fate is in your own hands.

So write a letter -- one short sweet graph like John's is all you need.



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