Gender reassignment

Bill Weintraub

Bill Weintraub

Gender reassignment


The NY Times had an article on Sunday about lesbians who opt for "gender reassignment" and become "men."

They have their breasts lopped off, they're given massive doses of testosterone, and though most, interestingly, don't get artificial pee-pees, they do look like men.

Of course genetically they're still women.

But they look like men.

Although the number of women doing this is tiny, the fact that it's happening at all has occasioned an outcry among lesbians.

Interestingly, even though the number of gay males who opt for gender reassignment is, though still tiny, somewhat higher -- gay males don't seem to care.


It's not mysterious.

Under our present cultural set-up, MEN are the enemy.

Men are Bad.

That of course is particularly true to women.

So a woman who opts to become a man, even if it's a poor copy of a man, is viewed as a traitor by other women.

Women, on the other hand, are "good."

So a gay man who opts to become a pseudo-woman -- is doing a good thing.

That again is why anal penetration is so beloved by the community.

A male who becomes a pseudo-female during sex is denigrating and destroying his natural masculinity.

And that's "good."

By the way, how common is gender reassignment therapy?

The Times:

A European study conducted 10 years ago, and often cited by the American Psychiatric Association, says full gender reassignment occurred in 1 in 11,000 men and 1 in 30,000 women, a ratio that would place the number of men who have become women nationally at only about 13,000 and women who have become men at about 5,000.

One in 11,000 men comes out to 0.009%

If we add together the men and the women, we get 1 in 41,000, which comes out to 0.002%.

That's tiny.

For example and by comparison, according to National Institutes of Health, Down Syndrome occurs in 1 out of every 800 births -- 0.125%

And according to the March of Dimes, various types of oral-facial clefts, like cleft lip, occur in about 1 of every 1000 births -- 0.1%.

If "core gender identity" was so often out of synch with biological sex, wouldn't that figure -- 0.002% -- be a lot higher?

It's not.

Men are Masculine by nature.

Bill Weintraub

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