Got it!



Got it!


Hey Buddy,

I sure do enjoy your site. Funny, about twenty years ago I hooked up with a dude who turned me on to frottage and I remember I really liked it a lot, but the crowd I was hangin' with, and the scene influenced me into fucking and gettin' my dick sucked - I'm a "top." - but duhhhh... I'm just realizing that the biggest turn-on was that dude twenty years ago.

I feel really dumb not getting it before this, but better late than never, right?

I'm walkin' around now looking at dudes in a whole nother way - and even just doin' that's a big turn-on!

Damn, I LIKE IT!!

Take care (and keep it up)


Palm Springs

Bill Weintraub

Re: Got it!



Jon says it shorter and sweeter than i can:

the scene (cultural messages), and the crowd he was hangin' with (peer pressure), influenced him into fucking

so here's how it's done: take a simple message --"you're not really gay if you don't fuck" -- repeat it a million times -- and, surprise, surprise, everybody's doin anal

what happens if you change the message?

Jon says: "I'm walkin' around now looking at dudes in a whole nother way - and even just doin' that's a big turn-on!"

you change the behavior -- with no loss of eroticism

but the gay establishment won't change the message -- because it's got too much invested in anal and its discontents

and the straight establishment isn't eager to change it either -- because that establishment knows that fear of anal keeps str8 guys str8

so it's up to us to change the message

by speaking the truth of our lives -- everywhere and anywhere we can

thank you Jon!



Re: Got it!


To echo what was said in the post, when I came upon the site and realized more about my own sexuality and sexual desires I got a whole new pair of eyes. Men don't look the same as they used to, they are so much more erotic and attractive in their own right, and really attractive features stand out. It's helped me a lot with my own personal esteem and body image as well, i really do agree with bill's message that sex is genital-gential contact, and penetration being a hetero idea, is not gay - specifically speaking for "gay" sex.


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