introductory note from bill:

this wonderful, wild, and true story came to me via email

its author, whom i've called Joe, requested anonymity

i'm posting his story not just because it's super hot -- though it is -- but because of its author's use of the word "gay"

which is guaranteed to infuriate most of the gay men who read it

and which gives me the opportunity to deliver, once again, a little homily on the theme of

Labels Are Meaningless


to the world, i'm a "gay" man -- which means, to the world, that i'm sexually very attracted to men, and have little sexual interest in women

and that, so far as it goes, is true

to that same world, Sensei Patrick's a "straight" man -- which means he's really hot for women

and that's true too -- Patrick loves women in the way that i love men -- he's very very very very very very very attracted to them -- in all those little and not so little secondary-sexual-characteristics ways

but he's also intensely attracted to me

so what does that make Patrick?


well, as Woody Allen would say, only by the dictionary definition

because, once again so far as the world's concerned, Patrick's straight

what do i mean by that?

what i mean is that the real difference between me and Patrick is that it's far easier for him to pass as straight

as it is for any "straight" guy

because he's genuinely attracted to women and forms relationships with them

and he can use that attraction and those relationships to, as Patrick puts it, blow smoke

smoke which hides his interest in other guys

it was far harder for me, back in the days when i tried, to pass as straight -- because i didn't have an interest in women, and i've never been a good liar, and i understood that were i to marry a woman i would do her and myself a signal dis-service

that's the difference guys, and, i assure you, it's the only difference between me and Patrick or between me and the author of this post, who's so certain he's not gay

for while he's right -- he's not gay -- he's not straight either

those words are MEANINGLESS

they are part of a seemingly never-ending stream of really stupid and breath-takingly archaic cultural messages about sex whose only function is to maintain, at present, a charade, a bizarre form of social control in which some men are required to be penetrated anally by others while the rest are required never to think about another man

but, as you'll see, think -- and act -- they do


Your site is really wild.... I don't even know if I should be writing you... but i will tell you my true story & then just let it go at that... first of all i don't consider myself gay... i don't have anything against gay though either.

a few of my friends are gay.. they are very good friends too.. some alot better than my other friends...

I do have one thing to ask you though -- I will tell you my story... & please don't put me on a mailing list since i do have children who share this computer with me o.k.? so please no email promotions...

It begins at a party.. I was a little younger than i am now... more in shape than i am now too... I was drinking. shooting pool with my friends & it was a rather crowded party.. no one there was gay.. But there was a brother of one of my friends, a little younger than i was & during the party he would come up to me & smile... i knew him pretty good & he wasn't gay at all.. but he did have a few drinks that night.. as i did... well as the party wore on & people were leaving because it was late.. he came up to me & stood face to face with me.... i mean close... nose to nose in fact.... he smiled and whispered... "you know? i'd sure love to see if you had the cock for a good cockfight"

at first i just about fell over backwards in shock... but then something happened to me.... as the night progressed and a few more drinks entered my system i found his advances rather exciting... one time in the hallway to the bathroom he pinned me up against the wall.. & he slowly pushed his bluejean covered hard cock up against mine... he then whispered "you ready yet?" well at about this time... i had had enough... i slowly rubbed my semihard bluejeaned covered cock back against his & said.. "If you're serious? wait till the party dies down we'll take it to the bedroom " he immediately backed off.... & i went into the bathroom & when i came out he was gone... it was about four in the morning & harldy anyone was at the party then.. all left... except for my friend & he was getting ready to leave... & we couldn't find his brother... when we did? he was passed out -- or so we thought -- on the sofa... i told my friend heck let him sleep it off here... he can walk home tomorrow.... it was good enough with my friend & he left....

with the house to myself i figured i'd throw a blanket over his brother then get some sleep myself.... after locking up i turned & suddenly there he was.... right in my face......

"Nice move getting rid of him.... now we got the house to ourselves" he once again moved forward pushing his jean-covered hard cock into mine which was now rising at a fast rate... We stood in the hallway pushing & grinding for what had to be five minutes slowly up & down... our breathing becoming heavy... hot in each other's faces... our eyes were locked on each other's... it was quite erotic to say the least... my cock felt like it was going to explode right there as i'm sure his was....

I knew it was weird.... almost gay... thinking back to it.... but i suddenly felt an urge to take him on... naked... cock to cock.... man to man.... i suddenly found my hands reaching for his hair... pulling it... pulling his face to mine close.... our noses touching... & i hissed... "come on queerboy!!!! lets take this to the bedroom NOW" He pushed against me hard with an upward motion & snarled "Now you're talking" we parted & moved to the bedroom... the second we entered shirts flew off pants slid down & suddenly we were both nude... standing once again face to face... cocks hard throbbing... erect..... i have had many hard-ons but this one was the hardest i have ever had.... i couldn't believe it... & the urges i had... God i was so hot.... he went to the bed.... got on his knees.... & snarled.... "Come on you hot fucker lets go cock to cock!!!!" he didn't have to ask me twice.... i jumped on the bed... landing in the kneeling position... facing him... cock hard & ready..... we slowly eyed each other... then slowly ever so slowly slid our hot hard pulsating excited cocks together.... i looked down.... the site of his cock sliding against mine sent lightning thru my body.... the feel of his cock on mine was so hot erotic.... i didn't even think of it as anything gay.... suddenly i felt his hands in my hair.... his hand pulling my face toward his.... once again we were face to face.... but our cocks lightly touching.... he sneered in my face.... "I've wanted to cockfight you for so long" my hand grabbed his hair & i hissed "Well here i am.... you want it? you got it.... lets go!!!"

We quickly thrust our groins forward.... our cocks met.. & slid beside each other... the hard shafts sliding against each other... but to the side.... we tightened the grip on each others hair... & our bodies were plastered together... chest to chest tummy to tummy thighs to thighs... we backed up slightly moving a little & then thrusting forward again our hot hard cocks met hard... this time... exactly shaft to shaft....!!!!! cock to cock shaft to shaft we rubbed up & down.... our hot wet slippery cocks oozing presperm fought wildly ,,,, the presperm made them hotter wetter ... suddenly i heard him moan.... our breathing was fast... rapid.... as our cocks rubbed, ground together in a hot cockfight... i suddenly got this wild urge to make him lose it.... cum!!!! i couldn't control it either... it was if... if i got him to cum i would win.....

we were pumping madly... wildly against each other moaning groaning hissing insults at each other... hands in hair pulling.. face to face.... our eyes locked ... suddenly he pulled me close to him & slid his mouth over mine!!!! I hissed "You little queerfucker!!!! you want to kiss huh?!!" i found myself kissing him deeply... tounging his mouth our tounges battling mouth open then closing.... God!!! it was so hot & exciting!!!! suddenly i felt this urge to let go building inside me... but i had to hold on.... i was not going to lose to him... so i grabbed him in a tight bearhug... thrust my cock against his hard & hot... & moaned... "come on you hot fucker.... cum for me!!!!! let it go.!!!!" i kissed him hard once again & i felt his hot hard cock jump!!!! i thrust deep agianst him... my cock sliding up his... it jumped again.... I had him!!!! .......

he kissed me hard.... & snarled.... "if i cum you cum asshole!!!!! i want to cumfight you!!!!!" that was all it took.... we went wild!!!! pumping grinding kissing cock to cock balls to balls... shaft to shaft... we lost balance fell side by side on the bed with cocks smashing together we locked our legs & started to wrestle roll trying to gain advantage over each other... we were so evenly matched it was hard to get on top.... which made it even more exciting.... but soon i was on top.... i nailed him down... locked my legs with his & he couldn't move... i heard him moan... groan... trying to get out from under me... i kissed him & said "give up queerboy you just lost..." his cock jumped hard against mine & he said... oh no i didn't..... he thrust upward against me... & started to pump wildly..... he moaned "come on you hot fucker cumfight me.... right now!!!!!" that's all it took.... i slammed down on him so hard..... our cocks met shaft to shaft again... & we pumped wildly frantically in a hot battle to make the other cum first... cock to cock shaft to shaft we went at it!!!! moaning groaning.... i had one last chance to do something before i was going to lose it because i felt myself building fast & losing control.....

i slammed my mouth on his... & bit his lower lip lightly.... his cock Jumped Hard & suddenly i heard him hiss "ohhhhh God you fucker!!!!!!!" suddenly his hot juices shot from his cock!!!!! with such force that it spilled over his belly & back down over my cock.... drenching it!!!! it was so hot so erotic i couldn't hold on.... i let lose cumming all over his cock!!!! we grabbed each other tight & thrust hard!!!! cock against cock & came repeatedly over each other... "come on you hot fucker cumfight me cumfight me!!!!" i heard myself screaming. i totally lost control.... drenching him with everything i had... shooting over & over again.... it felt so good i didn't want it to end... but finally in one long lasting slow erotic thrust we shot the last load.... & then collapsed exhausted.... tired.... breathing hard.... catching our breaths....

we fell asleep .... in the morning i woke up & he was gone... i have seen him many times since.... at many parties... we sometimes push up against each other.... like we're gonna fight.... but nothing happens...

the other night he called me out of the blue.... he had been drinking a bit... & he snarled... "you just wait till i see you again you hot fucker... your cock is mine..." i laughed & hissed "just bring it on anytime queerboy anytime!!!!!" he laughed & said "you're on asshole!!!!"

so there you have it.... please don't use my name if you put it on the site... heck i don't even know if it will happen again but God it sure was hot as it happened... & writing about it makes me want to go find him & do it again right now!!!! i'm really excited right now again... like i said i'm not gay in the least... & i don't consider myself ever being gay in the future... but there is something to what your site is all about...

it was a great experience... nothing like it.... & i think about it often... if the opportunity ever presented itself again with him? i'd do it in a heartbeat but this time i got a few idea from the pics on your website... man is he gonna be in for one hot fight....

thanks for the site....

no problem dude, thanks for the story

how bout it guys?

is Joe "gay"?

is Joe "straight"?

does it matter?

do you care?

really? -- you still think those labels are important?

then think about this:

in cultures which lack a divine prohibition against same-sex sex, most men are bi-sexual -- and they don't think a thing of it

it's just their everyday reality -- guys are into women, guys are into guys

sure, there are rules about how they act on their desires

but the desires themselves are never in question

now our society does have a divine prohibition against same-sex sex

but it's on its last legs -- tottering, and ready to fall

problem is that what's been replacing it so far has been a lot of anal penetration, promiscuity, and sleaze

one of the goals of this site is to show guys that between the abstinence advocated by the reverends and the analism pushed by the gay male mainstream, there's a third way:

masculine, martial, and, within each gender, monogamous

the way of the warrior


Postscript from Joe

Thank you bill ... i've been reading the stories in Warriors Speak & your comments after the stories.... this site is absolutely amazing.... am discovering alot about myself that i thought was just weird -- things i only thought i went thru.... now i find there's a whole bunch of guys out there..... i read a story from Brad & i remember doing the same thing he did as a kid while watching wrestling humping my pillow.... only i watched females wrestle but there was this one match that had two guys one night & they were so good looking bodywise i lost it.... LOL

i always had to make excuses to my mom why i needed a new pillow....

i am interested after reading the stories in learning more about the truth..... god some of the pictures are so erotic... i been sitting here boiling.... its amazing!! after my experience with my friend's brother i have always had an interest in cockfighting as a spectator but the internet has not been very full of pics of guys engaging in this activity ... i stumbled across your site completely by accident but wow... i'm happy i did... the pictures are excellent.... THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!!!

You're welcome Joe

these experiences are actually common among "straight" guys -- but once again, they blow a lot of smoke

for example, Sensei Patrick loves "fantasy women's wrestling" and in real life has been involved with women who, like himself, are into martial arts

but of course he also loves cock2cock and cockfighting

Bradwrestle's sexual life has been almost entirely with women -- you wouldn't know that from reading his posts, but that's the way it is -- it's just been difficult for him to act on his feelings toward guys

maybe Joe's posts will make it easier for him

so do these labels mean anything?

anything important?


society tells us, and then we tell ourselves, that gay/str8 is a crucial divider between men, a line that can never be crossed and never is

that's a fantasy

guys like Joe and Patrick -- they're reality


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