note from bill:

after a year of collecting these posts, i'm been able to see many commonalities among the lives of men into frot.

one is that frot fantasies and sensations, as Warrior Bradwrestle talks about here, start before puberty -- in my case, i can remember frot desires at the age of 5 -- and are often connected with wrestling or fighting.

(see, for example, Boyhood Brawling, Cockrubbing Before It Was Cockrubbing (notice that Warrior Missouri had his first frot experience when he was 6), Warrior cumbat1's post at the beginning of Wrestlin Warriors Speak, and Warrior robbynhb's Wanna Get in a Fight With Me?).

and i have no question that were it not for the societal taboos about discussing childhood sexuality, we would have more posts about early frot fantasies and experiences

another commonality, clear from both the posts and the warrior fiction, is that these desires and, sometimes, contacts, increase dramatically in puberty (once again, ck out the posts in Cockrubbing Before It Was Cockrubbing, and see too First Frottage/Wrestling Awakening, Learning to Be a Cockrub Warrior, A Boxer Warrior Speaks, I Honor the Phallus, Being Black and Gay, Hyacinthine Love, THE FIGHT, Kevin, Bearcub Combat, Bunkbed Buddies, Marc Takes Me Down, A Very Special Tagteam -- among others

and a third is that when, as young adults, we come out or are turned out into our various gay male subcultures, our frot fantasies and experiences, which we cherish, are attacked and ridiculed -- read almost any post in Warriors Speak

despite that denigration, and despite having to cope with being in a cultural minority two times over, men into frot experience cockrub and dick2dick not only as masculine, sensual, intimate, ardent, safe, and completely fulfilling, but as a lifelong passion as well -- it begins when we're kids, and stays with us all our lives

art by matt

Warrior bradwrestle2000

posted 2/15/01

Long before I knew about homosexuality, I knew that every time the tv pro wrestlers came on, I needed to get on top of my pillow on the end of the bed, and rub until, well, in the pre-puberty days, until that amazing feeling happened.

If the pro wrestlers had each other in a frottage style move, with one on top of the other in a pinning move, then, man, the feeling was even more intense.

I never even knew that people jerked off standing up, etc. For me, the ideal position went back to those early days of rubbing-while-viewing, and to this day there is nothing quite so hot as pecs on pecs, abs on abs, pro wrestling trunks on trunks.

Rubbing rules!

reply from Warrior NYbox43

Same here, but for me it was boxing. Used to drive me crazy watching a fight scene where one man mounted his opponent and pounded away. Thought all men felt this way and that's why men liked to fight- to achieve this victorious feeling. I didn't know it was homosexual and still not sure it is

reply from bill

hey nybox43 --

getting turned on that way is part of human sexuality

just like fuckin the sheets or humpin ur pillow while imagining another guy's underneath you -- something, that like Warrior bradwrestle, i did as a pre-teen and adolescent and still do

and since, boxin dude, ur getting turned on to other guys, it's "homosexual"

it's the same for me -- i can watch boxing for hours -- to me boxing beats porn every time -- that's why I wrote TUFF GUYZ -- cause I saw these two guyz go at it in Toughman and knew I had to write about it

do i like it when it gets rough?? -- yeah -- love it

i have my limits -- i don't want anybody to get killed -- but, like Warrior Patrick , I love a good fight

one thing that's really hot is when both guys go the distance and the bout has been really hard fought but fair and clean -- and then they hug at the end -- i've even got two matches on tape where the guys kiss at the end -- it's beautiful

cause it's completely natural to feel that sort of affection for your opponent

our society equates homosexual with effeminate -- but, historically, most societies have not -- homosexuality is masculine and part of warrior or military culture -- that was true in ancient Greece, medieval Japan, a ton of "primitive" tribes, and often even true in Rome

the Romans believed that hanging out with women made you "soft" -- hangin with men made you "hard" -- so in the propaganda war between Octavian, who'd been accused of having same-sex affairs, and Marc Antony, who was sleeping with Cleopatra, Octavian was able to score points by suggesting that Antony's well-known weakness for women was a sign of softness

so to get turned on by men fighting and other masculine behavior is natural and normal -- and has been recognized as such for thousands of years



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