The Heart of Brotherhood



The Heart of Brotherhood


It is difficult for me to express the freedom I feel inside after reading your site and information on Frot. I have been drawn to such for over 30 years always ending up lonely and in fear of these immense feelings of desire to feel a closeness with a man that transcends sex, but drives deeply into the very heart of brotherhood. Committed brotherhood with a bond as close as I share with my love of my life ... my wife and childhood friend of over 20 years. I am turning 35 this month and the desire for such a close and tender relationship with another man leaves me without words to express. I am straight. I love my wife and two beautiful children with all my heart. I would never want to do anything that would destroy that awesome blessing. Every cell within my body desires the frot experience with a beautiful committed male on the inside and the outside. I long to feel his embrace, his skin rough and yet tender against mine. So many of your writers have found this and for them I am grateful. I have not yet found it. I have not yet experienced it. The thought of it is almost to much to take in. As if life could be about the Frot and not the ... anal focus I so do not desire.

I long to feel the embrace of loving strong arms and feel the embrace of a strong and thick body against mine. I want to see pleasure in his eyes, I want to hold and kiss deeply this man given unto me as a gift to be cherished. This brother, this friend so close that my experience and love with them would drive me to be a better husband and father. Hopefully the same for them. Your site has given me great hope and yet I do not know where to start.

I should be content to know that it does exist for others and therfore be happy for them, but I desire it so. Ever since a little boy I wanted that closeness with a male in my life. Could this be a blessing for me in the future? I can only pray.

To you I say thank you for your site and its work to free people from the bondage of limited love and opening the doors for us to accepte the embrace of a brother, to love, to please and forever to be faithful to. My life now is so blessed ... to ask for this would be in some ways pushing the limit of what one man deserves. But may it be ... may it be soon.

I'm posted in Frot Club Tennessee under "Married Warrior Brother" and I welcome responses from my fellow warriors.

I'm a married man who loves his family and desires a brotherhood so close that it can not be defined. I long for the strong embrace of a masculine body to hold and kiss and melt into. I want to feel the grind the bliss and the strength of another man next to me. I am not sure what things will hold, but we will see. I need so desperately to be in the arms of an understanding man that I burn inside.

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