The Highest and Best Feeling and Masculinity

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The Highest and Best Feeling and Masculinity


Thanks Bill....I found your website almost by accident...but I am glad that I did find it. I have been gay all my life and, while I have had oral and anal sex, I really like to just lay with a man and feel him next to me, feel how masculine he is and how his penis and balls look. I have arrived at the conclusion that there is nothing more sexy than a man who is sexed up and ready for cock2cock. Whenever the man I am with (and that isn't all that often) is like that, the sex is really great.

But it isn't just the sex....there is a feeling that is very hard to describe of being completed....of doing just what a man is supposed to do. When his penis and mine are together, moving together or just lying next to each other, I have the feeling that this is what men do to get the highest and best feeling and masculinity. There is no pretension or role-playing....just two men being males together, sharing the feelings that only men can feel. I have never felt so much a man as when I do this with another man.




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