promoting masculinity
and the
warrior ethic



..promoting masculinity and the warrior well as love between was like a burst of light...


I recently came across your website and was intrigued by was like a burst of light...i am 32 and have been celibate...i have always been attracted to both men and women...but have kept that to myself...your website brought me information that i never knew...about men and love between men...i always assumed that man to man sex was about is a great relief to me to know that there is a different way of looking at this...i felt so isolated since i was a teen-ager...always looking at other guys...but being afraid to be ostracised...i never approached any of has been difficult for me to be intimate with men or women...and i am still a virgin even with has been very difficult to hold back that desire to be close to someone...

I am proud of what you are doing with your website...promoting masculinity and the warrior well as love between men...this is a great thing that you are doing...

my name is Joel and i live in the Boston area...i put a message on the FrotClub site...i am hoping that there are other men like myself who are interested in Frot and Man to Man love...thank you again...



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