The Joys of Rubbing

Warrior JObuddyJP

Posted 8/17/01

As a new guy here I just wanted to add a post so I could introduce myself by some of the types of cock rubbing I've enjoyed.

First, having lived most of my life in Florida, I frequently had the chance to enjoy being nude outside, especially at the beach (Playalinda Beach). What an awesome experience it was to be out in the warm sunshine with a buddy, covered in suntan oil, and then both go into the water to cool off. My bud and I having our bodies cooled by the caresses of the ocean while we pulled ourselves close together and reveled in the sensations of our hard cocks sliding against each other as the gentle waves lifted us effortlessly up and down. Spooning in the ocean and having my cock be enveloped with his butt cheeks... how can I describe the feeling of lubed cock rubbing in the ocean? Anal penetration wasn't necessary... we were already experiencing bliss.

Also, we massaged each other on the nude beach... I worked my bud's shoulders while his ass fit perfectly into my crotch... enabling my cock to make love to him by sliding back and forth in his ass crack while I nibbled tenderly on his neck. Have you ever felt that feeling of a guy's ass fitting perfectly into your crotch? Isn't it incredible!He took his turn, and I felt his hard, hot cock filling my ass crack while he laid on top of me and wrapped his arms around me. I was loved, protected and treasured. We played like this for hours, each time culminating in him straddling me on the beach as we rubbed and stroked our cocks together for all to see... wads of precious cum spurting from our cocks as we celebrated the freeing of our inhibitions. Two cum drenched buds playing joyfully on the beach, unashamed, and unhidden from the world.

Damn... why the hell did I move to New England! Anyway, I just wanted to share with you my enthusiasm for outdoor nude cock rubbing (and JO... love that, too) with a buddy. Cock rubbing is an excellent way to connect with a guy... a way to share of yourself and to accept freely from him without the demands our society frequently places on us (to be lovers, to make fucking/being fucked the climax, to shy away from having intimate contact with friends). There is a great equalizer in two friends sharing intimacy with each other. I think our world would be a better place, a safer place, if gay men affirmed loving intimacy among friends. I've had many other wonderful cock rubbing experiences which I'll share later.

Cheers, thanks for this great opportunity to share, and best wishes!


Dave's profile:

6'1",185,brown/hazel,hairy chest & stomach, 7 1/2" cut and 6" around, 41 y/o. Love getting naked and hard with other uninhibited guys. Live in Boston (Jamaica Plain). Especially enjoy getting together with several like-minded guys for intense, long-session dick stroking and mutual pleasuring. Especially like having cum shot all over me (damn, a man's jiz is such a fuckin' turnon!). Would love to meet other cockrub warriors in Boston.


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