the joys of frot



the joys of frot


I think I have always been a frottageur (is there such a word?), but I am excited to find your website, to read what you have written, & to know that there is a whole body of us (pun should be intended).

When I was a young teen, I knew I liked J/O. Then an older bud (with driver's license & car access) started taking me out to drive-in movies. One thing led to another, & we ended up going for drives in the country, where we would park, get at least partially unclothed, & have the most wonderful orgasms from rubbing against each other. Perhaps the experience patterned me, but I have always craved maximum skin contact, no matter what else was in the offing.

My one/only lover, years later, came to my bed, & 'look-Ma-no-hands' we began what was a joyous relationship with very satisfying sex. Yes, there was some oral & some anal, but the major component was skin contact.

I am grateful you have published & promoted the joys of frot.


Bill Weintraub

Re: the joys of frot


hi clint

thank you for your post and for your kind words about the site

i'm glad it's so meaningful for you

i'm glad also that you had a relationship in which you could express your love in a natural and satisfying way

i wouldn't call you a "frottageur" but simply a "guy into frot" -- a Frot guy

that's a political point -- we want to present frot to other men not as an exotic practice with a French-sounding name, but as something ordinary, everyday guys do -- which is what it is and what they do

you also say:

Perhaps the experience patterned me, but I have always craved maximum skin contact, no matter what else was in the offing.

you don't need to be patterned to be into frot

frot is genital-genital sex, and your body is hard-wired to enjoy it

so you don't need to be patterned or taught frot -- it's a free, innocent, and natural expression of male sexuality

and that to me is one of the most important points we're making on the site

that frot is natural, masculine, full-body pleasure

while anal is unnatural, effeminizing behavior that has to be taught and learned

for too long men into frot have believed they were abnormal

we're not

rubbing cocks -- having genital-genital sex -- is normal

stickin your dick in a hole of shit and pretending that your anus is a vagina -- that's weird

i talk about that in a new photo essay titled What Sex Is

and you may wanna ck that out

Clint, thank you again and remember



Re: the joys of frot


Bill, many thanks for your kind reply to my post. I have indeed been perusing your sites, & am delighted to find them all. You are doing a good thing for all gay men, even those who don't yet know it.

BTW: Re: "Queer as Folk." As I thought about the series, it seems to me that Michael could become the poster boy for frot. He is the one who is into comics & superheroes. & while I haven't seen the more recent episodes, the last one I did see Michael had met an interesting man who tells him that he is HIV+. What an opportunity to put in a plug (pun definitely not intended) for non-invasive sex.

I know.... like whistling in the wind.


Bill Weintraub

Re: the joys of frot


hi clint

it's not necessarily whistling in the wind

i encourage fans of the show to write the producers of Queer As Folk -- they're Canadian and you can find the address on the web

a show like Queer As Folk is always looking for material

so if you tell them about us and the site -- please give them the URL of the Alliance

it may pique their interest

the one thing you can be sure of is that if you do nothing -- nothing will change

so give it a go and send them a letter

not to be patronizing, but you'll feel better -- stronger and more confident -- for having done so



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