Part II


negative judgments

kindred spirits

two cocks united

ours and private

Warrior Andrew64

Posted 5/24/01

"My own kind"... what a wonderful expression, the right one for all those people who, like us Cockrub warriors, are searching for kindred spirits all their lives.

So often those who look for others to share their "different" sexual preferences are negatively judged, but sex is such an important part of ourselves, of who we really are deep inside, that it is impossible to ignore it.

Through erotic expressions of our Self we communicate with each other, reaching something that is ours and private.

The language of the Body is as important as that of the Word, and two cocks united together can really help two men to communicate.

That's why we look for "our own kind", and that's the reason why we must be grateful and happy that such a club as this exists.

two cocks united


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