First time frottaging



First time frottaging


This my story:

In high school I use to play baseball on the varsity team with a buddy of mine of whom I've been friends with since grade school. He and I were inseparable. We also use to sleep together at his house, and I really didn't at the time put much thought into it. Until that one night, for some reason he decided to position his body closer to mine. I started to feel really uncomfortable, but I remained in bed not really sure if I was imagining all of this. His hand slowly, worked it way to the pouch of my underwear and he knew at this moment that his overtures was well received from the stiffness of my cock. He worked my underwear's off, and removed his too. We were fully erect and dripping with our teenage cocks. He then tugged on my shoulder directing me to turn around and I did.

Slowly he worked our bodies closer together and our cocks and balls were touching and I felt my hardness reach a whole new level. That feeling of his cock on mine was so intense. I'm really sure he was feeling the same because he started to grind of me slowly. The grinding, rubbing and cocks sliding motion pick up momentum and silently we soaked both of our cocks, bellies, and thighs with loads of cum. From that moment everyday after school we would go home, grind and cum all over each other. What I loved most about it I did not have to deal with the fear of someone wanting to fuck me. My cock was free to love, slide, rub, and cum freely on this guys cock and body. I sure wish more guys were into this. I truly believe that this is one of the reason that I'm not HIV positive today.


Finding this site has been awesome. I thought I was one of the few guys that enjoyed cock to cock kissing, grinding, and got off from it. Like I said, I use to do it all of the time in Highschool, but in college everyone wanted to fuck.

Over time I adapted and joined in to world of fucking, but in the back of my mind I knew what I truly enjoyed most. It's frottaging, cock to cock grinding and deep passionate kissing. That is it man.

After college I stuck to what I enjoyed most which is kissing, oral, and frottaging. Fortunately for me, my partner of 12 years enjoyed it also. I'm now 35 years old and have not penetrated a man ass in 13 years.

I think since I had only one partner since college, and the only sexual acts we performed with each other were kissing, frottaging, and oral that might be the reason why I remained HIV negative.

Sincerely, Leneld

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