Less than a "Real Man"



Less than a "Real Man"


I am a gay man.
I am a man who loves other men.
I am a man who wants and needs physcial, mental, emotional, and spiritual intimacy with other men.

So, therefore, I am less than a "real man".

I know that, because almost everywhere I turn, these are some of the messages I get...and Lord knows the messengers MUST be right.


All I think about is sex.

I lurk in the bushes and grab unsuspecting young boys and have my perverted way with them and convert them to homosexuality.

Every man I see, in any situation, is a potential fuck...or of no other use to me at all.

I am doomed to hell because I have CHOSEN this path, and there is no redemption short of total denial of who and what I am.

I am not mature enough in my development to have healthy relationships of any sort, espeically long-term loving monogamous relationships.

I am to be pitied, because you know I can't be anything other than miserable, sad, jaded, bitchy, trollish, or swishy.

If I get AIDS and die, that's ok. It's just one less sissy faggot the world has to deal with. Just go ahead and fuck away. After all, what other kind of sexual expression is there for lowlife scum like me? I am shit, so I deserve nothing other than shit sex. Anal is expected. Besides, anything other than anal can't be fulfilling, now can it?


OK guys, i guess you can tell by now I am in a mood today. I watched the local news last night and the news crew had cameras in the faces of men picked up by police in a local park.

I have major problems with the media coverage of this...let's rub these guys noses in it...who cares about the effects on their lives, on the lives of their loved ones. Let's just get the dirty laundry out there for everyone to see!

I have major problems with this type of tricking in parks. It is abhorrent to me. It is like Russian Roulette with all barrels filled.

But I understand why guys do it. There is scant social sanction for male to male intimacy...something so basic that ALL MEN NEED...we are deprived of this intimacy because of the dictates of society. A sick society, I believe...because the faulty thinking/beliefs I listed above ARE just scratching the surface of the warped thinking/beliefs perpetuated by society...INCLUDING GAY SOCIETY. I have bought into these and other damaging myths in the past, and I have looked at myself as less than a real man...less than a real human being! I thank God (and Bill) now that I have found the truth. I AM A REAL MAN...real men love other men! Any and all labels aside...REAL MEN LOVE OTHER MEN!!! It is natural, normal, healthy good,beautiful, spiritual, SACRED.

There should be no need for this site. Young boys and men should be taught to go with what is natural and normal and healthy for all men...MASCULINITY, FIDELITY, INTEGRITY, PHALLIC SEXUALITY, WARRIOR should be celebrated by and for every man, everywhere.

Sadly, there is a PROFOUNDLY MAJOR need for this site. I will support this site, this message, with all I have to offer...because I want other men to find the wholeness I have found. Imagine how wondeful the world could be...if men who love men OPENLY went to parks for picnics.


I am a gay man.
I am a man who loves other men.
I am a man who wants and needs physcial, mental, emotional, and spiritual intimacy with other men.
I am true to myself...and I am more spiritually whole than I have ever been before.

So, therefore, I am a REAL MAN....AND PROUD OF IT!

I know that, because God and my warrior brothers have led me to the truth...that I am nothing less than a REAL MAN WHO LOVES OTHER MEN...that is the message I get...and I KNOW the messengers ARE RIGHT!

Bearhugs, David

Robert Loring

Re: Less than a "Real Man"


Excellent post David!!

And YES YOU are a REAL MAN because real men LOVE other men.

Modern society is lost and sick and it is becoming more lost and more ill as they stear further away from what has been traditionally and historically NORMAL and run off into the darkness of what has traditionally and historically been ABNORMAL.

Let none of us forget that modern society is the EXCEPTION and NOT the historical or traditional norm....

Greg Milliken

Re: Less than a "Real Man"


You reap what you sow.

The work fuck is derived from an Old English word meaning: to plow.

It's a very romantic concept when applied to humans. A man plows the earth to make it receptive to seeds which will grow into new life to support the man and his family.

Similarly, to fuck a woman used to mean that you would plant seeds to grow into new life that would support a man and his family.

But nowadays the analists have turned an otherwise romantic concept -- and this is what David has said is profound -- into something profane.

To fuck nowadays means to stick your dick in a hole filled with shit.

The only thing that will grow is disease and injury -- things I believe Jesus was talking about when he uttered the famous phrase "You reap what you sow."

When you sow HIV and fissures, you get more HIV and fissures.

The modern day equivalent of briars and thornbushes.

Men were never meant to fuck each other -- and in doing so they have destroyed the romantic meaning of a profound concept.

And made the concept profane.


Re: Less than a "Real Man"


Hello Men:

There has been a lot going on in my head since I found this site...and a lot going on in my heart too. I did not expect that finding this site and taking in it's message would be the catalyst to the most profound spiritual experience of my life. It has, and it is beautiful.

in a couple of posts I have talked about the feeling of wholeness I have experienced of late. I have come to realize that my feeling of wholeness is really PEACE. I have always been taught that the Lord would give you peace, but I have always found that peace so elusive, until now. I have also had a hard time understanding what it means to be like Jesus...but now I understand so much more...and He has given me peace through that understanding.

Jesus was masculine. He lived WHO he was...He did not buy into any contived machismo, nor did He allow Himself to be effeminized. He had integrity; He understood truth and adhered to the truth steadfastly. He was a warrior, standing strong and fighting for the truth, with solid resolve. He was a brother, always acting out of love and helping others. He lived a balanced life, giving us example of how we are supposed to honor and use our minds, emotions, and will in a balanced way. Jesus had emotions; He was not ashamed of them and He knew what to do with them. These are all things I want to do... more than ever before I want to live like Him.

God is concerned about our true selves..WHO we are at our core...our true characters...not what we do. What we do does not define who we are, but most certainly who we are defines what we do. Work on the inside and the outside will follow suit.

I have found peace I have never known before because I have found the truth.

I am learning to be true to who I am, and to stop buying into any contrived machismo or effeminate trappings.

I am learning to be myself, and to love myself as a MAN.

I am learning that my love of other men is beautiful and healthy and real.

I am learning that ALL MEN are my equals in life and that, any and all labels aside, we all face the same struggles.

I am learning that phallic sexuality, which I now realize is what I have always wanted and needed, is a GIFT FROM GOD to be honored and celebrated.

I am learning that fidelity, which I now realize is what I have always wanted and needed, is a GIFT FROM GOD to be honored and celebrated.

Understanding these truths, and knowing that Jesus lived these truths, has deepened my faith more than ever.


Love requires sharing. Sharing requires struggle. Struggle requires faith. Faith requires love.




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