Letter from an unknown Woman



Letter from an unknown Woman


Intro note from Bill Weintraub

This is an email I received about a week ago.

It's a terrific letter.

I wrote back to its author, asking permission to post it on this board under her email address, which did not appear to contain her real name.

I got no response.

It's very frustrating when that happens, and of course I have no way of knowing why it happened.

Did the letter writer change her mind about the contents of her letter?

I don't think so -- I think she meant -- and means -- every word she said.

And I suspect that she was simply afraid to have her email address on the net.

So -- I'm posting her letter here anonymously -- and I've changed her name and removed any other possibly identifying details.

But I'm posting her letter because I think it will help other Women -- and many Women do visit our sites -- as well as Men.

Bill Weintraub

Letter from an unknown Woman

Dear Bill,

First and foremost, I want to thank you. I guess I could start by thanking you for your site, but what I really wish I were able to do, especially in English (I'm not a native English speaker), would be to be able to convey the amazement, the wonder, the joy, the deep thankfulness I feel for you and those who've contributed their words to your site.

Before I take too long to tell you, and even though I haven't got a hint whether what I'm going to confess here will or will not sound natural to you, I am a woman who shares a lot of the feelings - the delicate feelings that permeate the experiences shared through your site. I feel the flow of love, passion, respect and honour, the building of character in each choice of words and actions - this is all so beautiful and so true.

In fact, I think that being a warrior the way you suggest is not something limited to the true men that warriors such as yourself are. As I have written before, I don't know what you may come to think about my writing. Don't know if you are still there, reading. But in case you are... as I was telling you, I think that at least inside one woman - and that's me, Marie, there is a warrior, making the conscious choice to step outside the consensual reality. In fact, I would say that a Warrior Woman like me can only feel fulfilled in a relationship with a Warrior Man who is not afraid of his own sexuality, who is not afraid to be the human being he is.

I get wet at the thought of such manly man! As a woman, I look at the men out there in the world, and find most of them are despicable, weak, sissies. The Macho by consensus is truly a poor carbon copy of the true masculine men, courageous enough to touch and rub their penises with someone worthy of it, or to touch and rub his penis along a woman's labia, and penetrate her - should she be worthy of it too. And looking at the same picture from my point of view, it's got to be someone that virile not to be afraid to penetrate a woman who is neither afraid of her own sexuality, or of his sexuality.

So, Bill, thank you again,


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