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hey dick2dick cockrubbin warrior dude

Warrior Delaware Brother alerted me to this post, which first appeared in the yahoo club Black Dicks Rub Together. After its author, Warrior RubMeRight, joined our club, he gave me permission to post it here.

Warrior Rubmeright also has a post in our MSN Personals titled "Lookin' for a Real Frottage Fella in Cali."

That too is an excellent post. Here are excerpts from both:

Personals Post:



Warrior RubMeRight

posted 5/20/01

I'm new to this site, and happy to find others like me. Isn't it sad when you feel so alone and you think you are the only one into frottage when most gay men either want your dick up their ass, and want the same. Well, I got tired of that same old bullshit, I wasn't getting anything out of it anyway (the top always came), and I felt so alone and desired more. I thought, there has to be a better way then this, so I met a friend, we went out for about five (5) months before I decided it was time to give him a little something, something. I felt like, OK, here we go again as he spread my legs, then like some ethereal thought brought us together, instead of entering me, he placed his dick on my belly and started grinding, kissing, hugging, licking, lots of body to body. Well when he came he was very loud screaming my name, but the funny part is I was screaming his at the same time.

Now, I know what LOVE is, it's not giving your lover, partner, etc. a disease without a cure, or leaving them when they're sick. It's all about being safe, being with someone that shares your beliefs, and loving them as much as possible and they you. Good bye to anal sex forever LONG LIVE FROTTAGE.............

From Black Dicks Rub Together:



Warrior RubMeRight

Hello, and how wonderful it is to find a club that shares my philosophy. When I was "brain-washed", I believed that "anal penetration" was the only type of sex that gives one pleasure, *wondering, why don't I cum, and why am I feeling this pain, and first and foremost, why am I not feeling the desirable effect from this "so-called" type of sex*?

Well, I found my answer by being with someone who was into grinding, kissing, hugging, foreplay, etc, it really showed me how to have sex, enjoy it, desire it, feel it, and most of all be fulfilled. Now what a pleasure it is to know my true self and know what I want and what I'm looking for.

I would like to add that anal penetration 1. is painful 2. leaves rips/tears that are portals for infections and other diseases 3. Not safe (condoms break, and some have leaks HIV IS ON THE RISE AGAIN FELLAZ) 4. Can cause serious health problems later in life such as prostate cancer 5. Hepatits C is also on the raise and becoming the Nations greatest foe for those of you that don't know what that is, it's one of the worst forms of hepatitis, no cure, treatment to prolong life but without promise, and if you are a drinker (alcohol) causes cirrhosis of the liver that can eventually lead to liver cancer and if they find out you are a drinker, a liver transplant is out of the question.

Now I bet you're saying hmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... and yes you would be right to quess that I am a health care professional, very educated in infectious diseases, trauma/emergency, general medicine and critical care. I find this room promotes the best and most safest way to have and enjoy sex. But I could just bet you most bottom receivers are dead, or almost dead, and the tops are spreading the "news" (my own version of the new victims). Thanks to the founder, the members, and everyone who promotes safe, sane, healthy, enjoyable, stimulating, and pleasurable sex.

FROM A HAPPY NEW MEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Warrior RubMeRight

bill's reply

Warrior RubMeRight makes a number of really excellent points here.

One is that sense that so many of us have had of being "brainwashed" into the anal sex culture and being forced to have a kind of sex that we don't enjoy.

Another is the intense feelings of loneliness that the tyranny of that anal sex culture imposes on men who don't find anal pleasurable.Those feelings of loneliness and despair are very common to members of minorities in majority cultures, and are feelings that every gay man should be able to recognize, since almost all gay men start life being just that alone.

Yet these two very clear points -- that there's an anal sex culture imposing its standards on all gay men, and that by doing that, anal culture makes many of us miserable -- are two the buttfuck boyz refuse to recognize.

Warrior RubMeRight also talks of his joy, the joy that all of us have known, when he finally finds a partner who is able to give and receive from him the equal, mutual, deeply pleasurable and full-body bone-on-bone love-making that guys into frot treasure.

Finally, Warrior RubMeRight, like Warrior Stockpeck in his Erotic Wrestling is Best post, is not afraid to tell the plain truth about the diseases inherent in anal sex -- once again, simple truths that make most buttfuck boyz go ballistic. For them, anal sex and its top-bottom culture has become a sort of sacred cow, one that can't be examined, or questioned, or reined in, just a big dopey animal that gets to go around leaving big, messy piles of shit all over gay life.

But not in Cockrub Warriors, and not in Black Dicks Rub Together either.

We're not afraid to speak the truth here -- the truth about the Buttfuck Dictatorship, and the truth about the Frot Revolution.

And every dick2dick brother and frot dude who joins the fight like Warrior RubMeRight brings us closer to our ultimate VICTORY.


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