Married, straight, but my sexual fantasy is 100 percent frot



Married, straight, but my sexual fantasy is 100 percent frot


I am a married guy and I love my wife and I have a family and I do not feel to be gay at all. Actually I do completely dislike the idea of having any anal sex, regardless if f/m or m/m, regardless if active or passive. I wouldn't even want to watch an anal picture on the web. I am not into oral either and never was. But I love sex. I always loved sex, especially rubbing my cock versus the body of another partner. I also love sex with women and I always did (though neither anal nor am I much into oral).

But I definitely DO like the idea about frot and cock2cock. I've had real frot experiences with some male friends beginning in my early childhood (back then it was just accidentally during wrestling with no concrete sexual intensions) but I've also had frot with men up to today - with having had some more silent frot periods in between - while I am almost 50 today. I've had frot male sex not really regularly, but surely from time to time I was "gay enough" and fully and certainly physically up to it. And I did it! My wife knows that I do have fantasies about cock2cock frot and she knows that I had some frot with friends when I was young before I had met her first, but I did never tell her about my frot sex that I have sometimes done after our marriage. She wouldn't understand it.

My sexual fantasy - since I am able to think about it - has always been particularly into frot and cock2cock and soft wrestling (not the violent stuff, though) versus other men but about soft wrestling versus women, too, but much less about vaginal sex with women.

When I was younger I thoroughly tried to avoid getting the sperm of another men onto my body since I thought I was not gay and somehow I felt uncomfortable with having other sperm on my body, even if it was my own, so we used condoms back then when we were prepared for doing it, though, while I grew up, I felt more tolerant and today I really wanna feel the other man's fluid on my body while we cum together. Meanwhile I have become a real fan for seeking the other man's semen fluid on my pubic area. Strange how ones fantasy can change during life, isn't it?

I also always try to avoid jerking off with my hands during frot for cumming since this is not the real frot for me. To me the real "HOLY" frot that fulfills my fantasy is just real when the other cock can make me cum just by rubbing on mine (or even better) when my cock can make the other cock cum first, just by softly rubbing it completely without the support of any of our fingers nor of our hands. To me, using hands is a sort of masturbation that one can do alone too, even my wife could do for me, I don't need another man for jerking me off, it destroys some of my fantasy and actually my orgasms are not even half as good than if just THE other cock would make me cum. So I do not seek a man for jerking off. What I seek is to feel another cock on mine and the sexual competition with the other man, and to make him preferably cum with my own cock first. That's my sexual fantasy.

Interestingly enough, I don't care if the other cock is bigger, smaller, harder or weaker than mine. Perhaps I did care when I was very young. Today I don't. Though it has to be a clean guy with a clean pubic area since I am clean, too. For the sake of the feeling of the other cock I always preferred when my friends were shaved. It's just the feeling of the other cock and the testicles on mine and the skin to skin effect that makes it so intense for me and pubic hair is disturbing this intense feeling.

I would never want to eat the sperm nor would I like to have it in my mouth. Absolutely a nono, even today. I would not want to kiss or caress a man either, it just does not fit into my fantasy. But of course I want to feel his body on mine, I do not even mind wrestling him (strange enough when doing so I always prefer to be the weaker wrestler) and I like touching him everywhere (except in the anal area) with hands or my body. Body to body is fine for me, touching the male body is fine for me, intertwined legs are fine, breast to breast is fine, heavy breathing is fine, but it must be male-like, certainly not feminine. If I like to be tenderly kissed or if I like to tenderly kiss or softly massage the body, then I'd definitely prefer a girl as my sex partner.

So here I am. An officially "straight" man who has had vaginal sex with other women and with his wife and who really loves m/f sex but who has also got his little secrets but who - on the other hand - doesn't seek the gay anal and promiscuous scene at all nor tends to seek it ever. To me it would be completely ridiculous to have sex - even if my fantasy would require so - with an unknown man. All the time when I had frot with another man (and it were really just a few men in my life) then they were good friends of mine and we knew each other very well. I don't think that - even if I'd meet a very beautiful man who's into frot - that I would want to have frot/sex with him if I would not have a closer friendship first and trust him first.

I like this site very much and I am grateful that I realised that there are so many other males who are bi AND who hate anal and who like frot, like me. I aready started to think that my obsession about cock2cock was weird and that I wasnít a normal man with this strange obsession. The older I get, the more this fantasy dominates my sexuality. I'd say that male2male cock2cock-like fantasies make currently 60% of my sexual fantasies. Oddly enough, I'd guess that the other 40% of my sexual fantasies are always lesbian fantasies when women would rub their clits against each other (trib) until they're cumming, particularly my wife with other woman. Isn't it just the same, just female frot, just about the other gender?

I've had thousands of orgasms during my life. Most with women, many while jerking off alone but just a few dozen with men while performing frot. But to be honest, the best orgasms of my life and those I really do remember until today best and those that I do really seek to come back from fantasy into reality were the few frot ones, when another cock would make me come by rubbing and pressing and softly squeezing mine. It were the male2male and cock2cock frot orgasms that were special to me, not all, but some of those.

Some of those frot orgasms were really two levels above all my other orgasms that I've had in my life, particularly those when I was submissive and when I "lost" to the other man. Nothing else did ever come close in my sexual experiences and probably never will.

If there is request, perhaps I'd share my experiences with male frot as a "straight" guy with this website. I wrote down everything I remember, but just in my native language. It would be a lot of work and time consuming to translate everything. But I'm not even sure if you're interested since English isn't my first language and my expressions won't be at all professional (as you can see when you'll read this text). Maybe Iíll have to send the text to Bill first and he could work through it and translate my "English" into real English later.

Thanks for this website. It's a relief and support for me and for my fantasies!

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