Two Souls in One Body



Two Souls in One Body


Hi Bill,

How do you do?

I am a young straight male physician from Egypt. It was a very nice surprise when I found your site and articles on the internet, as I have always thought about those who prefer anal sex and how can they do it and enjoy it either with males or females ?!!!!

I think sex is an art not just an act and so the ones who do it must enjoy it both mentally and physically . God has made almost all the details of our body in the front not in the back like the eyes, mouth, nipples, umbilicus, genitalia ...

So when doing sexual acts it MUST be done FACE TO FACE either in heterosexual or homosexual relationships.

Sometimes just a fine touch on the chest or a tender look in the eyes or a warm rub between the abdomens may cause much much more sexual satisfation than a dirty anal contact.

Also God has made the genitalia for the reproduction and sexual satisfaction while the anus is for waste and excretion only.

I do congratulate you for your high standard of thinking and hope to be in contact with you or your friends who have the same concepts either homosexual or heterosexual .



Egypt, 24/9/2002

Hi Bill,

As i have told you before about my thoughts and ideas about man to man contact and face to face sex (as i prefer to call it) it is wonderful to be in contact with your love looking in his or her eyes feeling every detail of his or her body seeing the expressions on the face (either good expressions so you can continue or bad so you must stop).

I will try to express my thoughts in the following points:

As regard to my being straight and interested in male body, I think it is not strange for as you have said we are looking to sexual relationships as a relation between two human beings regardless to their sex or orientation so that one must search for pleasure whenever he find it either with a woman or a friend but with some limitations.

Sometimes such a physical contact between two close straight friends may enhance their relationship and make it more close and deep and make them feel as if they are two souls in one body.

In my society it is difficult to express such thoughts and feelings but sometimes it occurs naturally between friends on different occasions and usually they tell no-one about it.

As i have told you I am Moslem and I am fairly religious. In Islam man to man anal intercourse is completely totally forbbiden, while other means of man to man sexual contact are not forbbiden that much but must be very limited as they may lead to anal sex.

Also I think that having the desire to have sex is more or less to the body not the gender, for example, I get attracted to a sweet handsomely built female with a beautiful body - and in another occasion I get attracted to a muscular well-built male by the same strength and desire to be in contact with either of them. The opposite occurs when the other person is not well built -- I do not get excited even if he or she is completely naked and even trying to seduce me -- so the attraction is to the beauty of the body mainly.

Yesterday I read the story of you and your late friend Brett and it affected me so so much, I hope I can hear from you soon and know about your news regularly.




Re: Two Souls in One Body


I never looked to this issue like this but I think you are right. I think when you have sex with uncondisional love this can be with a man or a women then I think it is God meets God. And you bodies in a spiritual way will be one body. Very important is I think to look in eachother eyes to feel and see the love, to see what the other likes. Then the sex is very good, God meets God.


Re: Two Souls in One Body


dont forget!!!

its a warrior god ;)

Bill Weintraub

Re: Two Souls in One Body


right greg!

warrior gods!

but sometimes those gods achieve a higher consciousness, and those who are interested in that aspect can ck out Janosh's website

which has wonderful mystic images he's created --

quite something

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