Greetings from Egypt


Medo Hakeem

Greetings from Egypt


Hi Bill ,

I know it has been a very long time since I last wrote to you.

I am Medo from Egypt, I've been in contact with you almost one year ago

I want you to know that your site and your opinions have markedly changed my concept towards male to male love and its nature.

I tell you the truth that I've been thinking almost all the time and in every occasion in your way in male to male contact and love.

It's my nature to have a deep thinking before I do or decide a major decision in my life so I've tested my self in different situations and various psychological states of accepting your concept and for deciding to be a warrior. And I've found that it is the ideal way for me to be satisfied and convinced both mentally and physically with my needs and my culture and my religion as: I am a happily married straight man and I do enjoy my sexual life with my wife but in the same time I am attracted and fascinated with looking and watching male bodies and being in contact with men specially those of good shape and brilliant minds (as a close friends or bodies) also I do Hate and completely Reject any mean of anal relations between Men and I do like equality between men in their relations. Also as you may remember I am Moslem and I am fairly religious and in Islam it is one of the greatest sins to have an anal contact with a man or even a woman and I would never do anything against my religious beliefs.

I do congratulate you again so so so much for your high standard of thoughts and ideas and I do believe that heroic homosex is the next revolution in sexual relations but it is a clean, clear and beneficial revolution unlike others in the past.

I hope you could write to me and I wish you a nice time and a happy life.

One of the wonderful words I've read in your posts is that wrote by blkwarrior who said the male must identify himself as a MAN and there is no need to be classified as straight or gay; and the relationship is mainly spiritual and moral rather than physical and animalistic ..

If there is a warrior in my area (middle east or Egypt) I ask him to email me as I am eager to find one of the warriors and to meet him face to face till I could travel to USA and meet you personally and your friends.

Finally I want to tell you that I proudly announce that I am a cockrub warrior in spite of the long distance between us and the differences between our cultures and societies.

medo hakeem


Re: Greetings from Egypt


i agree that this is a great effort. M2M is very common in india. We call it "AAlingan" in hindi, meaning frot in english. Every friend is supposed to hug and aaling (ling is penis) his friend on particular days.


Bill Weintraub

Re: Greetings from Egypt


Thank you Medo and ms26alok

Men visit this site from literally all over the world, and what we can see from their letters and posts is that cock2cock desires are shared, as Medo says, "in spite of the long distance between us and the differences between our cultures and societies."

So Frot is a universal of male experience.

I'd like to say something about Islamic countries and HIV.

On the whole, HIV prevalence is very low in traditional Islamic countries, in part, it would now appear, because of male circumcision.

A very large study recently completed in India concluded that in vaginal intercourse, circumcision was as protective as wearing a condom.

And that men who weren't circumcised had much higher rates of HIV infection.

But that's not all that's going on in many Islamic countries, for there are also strong prohibitions in place against promiscuity.

An Islamic psychologist, Malik Badri, has written a book about AIDS and Islam, variously titled in English The AIDS Crisis: A Natural Product of Modernity's Sexual Revolution, and The AIDS Crisis: An Islamic Socio-cultural Perspective.

In his book, Badri blames the spread of AIDS on promiscuity and anal sex, and points out, correctly, that AIDS is most widespread in those societies or groups which are sexually permissive.

For example, HIV prevalence in the Philippines, which is 95% Catholic, is still just 0.1%.

As it is in Israel, which is 80% Jewish.

As it is in Egypt, which is 94% Moslem.

Whereas in Thailand, HIV prevalence is 2.2% -- significantly higher.

Here in the US, HIV prevalence is estimated to be about 0.6%, and is concentrated in just two groups: intravenous drug users, and gay and bisexual men.

Among gay and bisexual men, of course, HIV is spread through promiscuous behavior -- specifically, anal promiscuity.

Which is a direct consequence of a secularist and hedonistic ideology which posits that "multipartnering and sexual experimentation" -- for which we can read promiscuity and various forms of raunch, kink, and sleaze, including anal penetration -- are social goods.

In Uganda, the only country in sub-Saharan Africa to see declines in HIV prevalence for 12 consecutive years, the approach has been to use traditional -- that is, mainly, religious -- strictures against promiscuity to successfully stem the spread of the disease.

Now, I don't want to say that Dr. Badri, or the religious right for that matter, is correct in every particular.

I've never met nor corresponded with Dr. Badri, but I suspect that like most American fundamentalists, he's not aware of or does not differentiate among various sexual practices and levels of promiscuity among men who have sex with men.

Nevertheless, when it comes to HIV, the most effective way to avoid the disease is to avoid behaviors condemned by both the Koran and the Bible: promiscuity and anal sex.

And, if you're a man, to be circumcised.



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