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Warrior loci2f

Posted 8/28/01

I am in the Navy and the first time I ever had a sexual encounter with a man was in my eyes no mistake. This was a few years ago when I was stationed in Norfolk Va. on an aircraft carrier. I had been fighting semi-pro martial arts for about 8 yrs at that time. My art is Hung Gare. The art of five animals ( Kung Fu ). Mostly open ring. While in Norfolk I was invited to put on an exhibition before the main event. I was also a participant. This will come into play later. Earlier that month we had gotten a few new checkins in our division. One who was Marcus came from Ohio. My home state. I got to know him well. We both came from about the same location in Ohio and I found out that I played against his brother in football in the state championships. So we had a lot in comman.

Well about a week went by, and the fight was coming up. So I was getting worked up to fight. The night of the fight as I was waiting in the wings, I saw Marcus sitting near the front row. Well this was a problem. You see no one in the Navy new I fought. If they had they would have made me stop. So do I go on, or run. Well I went on.

The next day Marcus confronted me about the fight. He said I looked good and could I teach him the art. Well I said yes. With conditions. He say nothing about what he saw and he teach me how to wrestle. You see I knew that he was an all state champion in high school. I'd heard him talk about it. So we set the deal. The next few weeks we worked out and did mat work. I got to admit he was good.

A month went by and we were still working out together, when one day I was ragging on him perty badly at work. That night we went to work out as usual. The work out was angry and when it came to the mat work we were fighting hard. This wasn't practice. Then a straing thing happened. We realized we both had hard-ons from hell. The fact that this happened wasn't as bad as we were in a public gym. Thank god it was friday and the gym was mostly empty. So we sat there looking at each other, and our tools. I finally said that we needed to go to a hotel room to finish this. To my surprise Marcus agreed. So we got a hotel room and once we got inside it took about 30 seconds for the no holds bared battle royal. We were in gym close. Me I was in a tee shirt and shorts. Marcus had the same, but underneath a singlet.

Let me give you some stats. I'm 6'4", 225lbs, white guy, and well built. Marcus was 6'6", 210lbs, black guy, and well built. When we locked up the rule went out the window. So did the styles. It turned into a rip and strip match and by the time I had gotten the upper hand we were down to me in shorts and him in a singlet. We kept going. Neither one of us submitting to the other. Until we were exaulsted. Laying side by side. I got up enough energy to get on top of him. Both of us with throbbing hardons. I grabbed one arm and put it behind his neck and with the other hand I grabbed a leg and pulled it up into a pinning move. He took his free hand and grabbed my shorts and started to twist and pull. Pinning my balls hard in the seam. It got bad enought that I had to let him go. As I did he got up to his feet. Nursing the arm I had. Then he ripped off his singlet. Not wanting to be out done I got to my feet and ripped off my shorts. As I did he was mouthen me up perty bad. Telling me what he was going to do to me. While all the time we were pacing each other looking at the hard cocks that was just waiting to clash. Well me being a man of few words when it comes to fighting, I jumped him like a tiger on raw meet. This time the holds were slow and mithotical. Each of us wanted the other to suffer a little. For about 15 minutes this went on until I was back on top. Only this time I had him where I wanted him. I was going to grind his cock with mine until he submitted. We both had the same idea because he was doing some grinding of his own. It was hot, we were sweaty, and our cocks were being rubbed raw. I kept working on him until I got a chance to bite a nipple. When I did that he held out like a champ, but it was to much. When he blow it was like his cock forced me up off his body. Then I blow and the match was over. At that moment everthing stopped. All I could here was his and my heart beat. Our panting and moans. That night we couldn't get enough of each other. Pawing, kissing, grabbing each other cocks. This contenued for three years until I transfered. I still keep in touch, and one day we will do it again. A little older and much wiser.

warrior loci2f's profile:

I'm 6'4", 225lbs, sandy brown hair, blue eyes, 39yrs old and in the Navy stationed in Japan. I am from Ohio ( Athens) to be exact. I like to wrestle. It's even better if there are feeling involved. If anyone is up for a little fun and your in Japan or you just wanta trade stories drop me a line at

reply from Warrior Cockster

excellent mate ... hope u clash with that guy again :o) cocktocock


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