Nobility and Strength of Character


Nick Patrokles

Nobility and Strength of Character



Thank you for your powerful and meaningful websites:

I honorably and proudly served my country in uniform for 21 years, performing many clandestine missions, and awarded accordingly, including the Bronze Star. I have been married for almost 24 years to the same woman. I adopted her three children from her previous marriage and we have since adopted two more. I am a good and devoted husband and father. Yet....

I find myself finally, I am 48, coming to terms of self-integrity and honesty, namely, that I am and have almost always been attracted to certain other men - attractive, masculine men, committed to nobility and strength of character. Loving another man does not diminish ones manhood unless one allows this to pass!

I had a male lover once, all too briefly, but had to give him up because I was not prepared to ruin my marriage, one that had been a source of strength and love for me, my wife, and our children. Yet, my heart still aches for my "golden prince." It has been ten years. Only time will tell.

Before I was married, I had come out as gay for about a 2 year period (college days). I soon retreated back to my straight identity because I was sickened by the modern gay subculture(s) that encouraged promiscuity, lack of a spirituality that must also be grounded in personal responsibility, promoted a feminization of gays, and worse.

I am re-reading Mary Renault's The Last of the Wine. I am also dusting off the covers of my old Greek language books I had studied so long ago in college, Homeric Greek. My imagination soars and my heart expands past my chest as I consider the nobility and beauty of HomoSex-HomoLove.

Too often I have settled for sex without love! I regret this. Thankfully, I have never contracted an STD at all! Is there room in this world of ours for a man such as I to be husband to a wife, father of children, AND lover of a special man? That is a triad of sorts too.

Thanks! Your site inspires me. It encourages me. It guides me now that I have found it!




Re: Nobility and Strength of Character


Hey Nick,

I found your post very inspiring. Your enthusiasm really comes through.

I am 20 years old in college and I did something very similar to what you mentioned. For about 7 months I came out and all that jazz. Being a "gay guy" meeting other "gay guys", was the most unpleasant experience ever. There is like this unspoken expectation; that you will sleep with any guy just cuz they're gay. I couldn't make any gay friends because they all eventually wanted to screw around. I always hear that I'm young and this is the time for me to just have fun and do whatever happens, but I don't buy that. I don't find being a whore fun.

You wrote- "My imagination soars and my heart expands past my chest as I consider the nobility and beauty of homosex" --

This is such a great description and it speaks right to my heart.

Anyways, it was nice reading your post. Thanks, take care.


Robert Loring

Re: Nobility and Strength of Character


Great posts Nick and Shawn!! The sad fact is that a large amount of gay culture is overflowing with whoredom. In fact, many gay relationships are about whoredom and not about forming relationships. Many straight people have no problem accepting gay people but they do have a problem with accepting the whoredom lifestyle which is characteristic of the gay community. If gay people would form monogamous relationships and become unknown for their whoredom then more straights might be more accepting of homosexuality. But, alas, I don't see that change happening in the gay subculture anytime soon.

Frankly, I myself am turned off by most gays because they assume you are available for one thing and that is sex. The femininity of most gays turns me off and it drives me crazy as to why they refuse to take pride in their innate masculinity.

You CAN be gay and STILL have morals and values! You CAN be gay and still have strength of character and self nobility! And, you CAN be gay and still be a man and act like it!

I myself have very few gay friends. I don't fit into the stereotype nor the lifestyle of whoredom. I myself like doing guy things and don't go to gay bars. Unlike some of them I have morals and values and I won't sacrifice those morals and values that the analists insist I must in order to be "gay". I am proud of my masculinity and refuse to be ashamed of it. I refuse to lower myself to the demands of the analists just to fit in with the mainstream gay community. I like being a man and have no desire to act like a woman. If I wanted a woman I'd go find me one LOL!!

Doing whatever happens, Shawn, can be very dangerous nowdays. Not only the possiblity of the disease risk in engaging in anal sex but also the personal degredation. All we have to do is be ourselves and be proud of our own masculinity. We don't have to submit to the BFDs demands!! We can be heroichomosex MEN and STILL be men of character and nobility.

Sir Robert

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