Orion and the winter sky



Orion and the winter sky


Orion's belt I did know helped me find my brothers home. Get away from city lights look up my brothers look up and you will see Orion too. That eternal symbol of our manhood stays no matter what they may say. In dark rooms they play their deadly games and scoff at us because we are MEN. Orion helps us find our way a celestial sign of brotherhood.

Bill Weintraub

Re: Orion and the winter sky


Thank you Rm.

That's very beautiful.

Guys, there are scholars who believe the Orion myth is related to Gilgamesh.

So Orion has a special meaning for us.

Think about that.

In dark rooms they play their deadly games and scoff at us because we are MEN.

There are those who spread disease in dark and filthy backrooms.

And there are those who search for heroes in the pure night sky.

And find, by looking up, the eternal symbol of our manhood.

Think about that.



Bill Weintraub

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