A Real Man Doesn't Fuck Another Man



A Real Man Doesn't Fuck Another Man



My name is Philippe, and I've been browsing your site.

I am in total agreement with you.

I don't see anything wrong in man 2 man sex be it 2 straight or bi or gay specially if there is not penetration.

I'm gay and often I'm asked how can there be any love between 2 men if there is no penetration. I find penetration between 2 men degrading at least for one of the actors. You submit to your partner admiting that you are less than a man (at least in my opinion).

I'm 51 and have never been fucked or have fucked another man; and I was initiated at the early age of 15 to the joys of phallus to phallus.

I enjoy man 2 man masturbation, I enjoy the close proximity of the naked body of another man, to me this is what being a real man is all about. I always say that a real man doesn't fuck another man, but being gay not many understand and brand me as not being really what I say I am.

I have friends who feel as I do, who like virility and reject femininity, males who act as such and don't see anything wrong with it.

We are at ease with each other, at ease with our masculinity, at ease with our virility.

Phallus is a very important part of our life.

I'd like you to tell me how we can join your Man2Man Alliance.

Let's change the way the world sees m2m sex.

Let's show people there is nothing wrong with 2 men rubbing phalluses and enjoying each others' body.




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