In respect of fallen warriors



In respect of fallen warriors


Memorial Day is just around the corner. I invite you and all members to visit your local National Cemeteries if you can. No one can force you to do so. I can only appeal to your conscience and let your conscience guide you. If you claim to be Warriors please honor those who have given their lives and have given their last heartbeat. If you cannot visit them take a few minutes of quiet reflection or watch memorial services on tv. Is this too much to ask? It's bad enough that many of us do not donate. It is unforgivable to not pay tribute to those who have fallen. Let us gather together both in body and spirit and honor them. Do they deserve less?

Bill Weintraub

Re: In respect of fallen warriors


Thank you RM.

We need to remember, in our modern era, and unfortunately, not just our fallen Warriors, but the fact that before they fell, most of them were denied the Love of a fellow Warrior.

That's the brutal truth.

These Men were robbed of Life, and before they were robbed of Life, they were robbed of Love.

This is something we looked at in some depth in AGOGE III: The Longing for Masculinity, where we talked about the World War II memoirs of Douglas Allanbrook.

Allanbrook described how he refused to share a bed with a fellow soldier, Leonard, not long before they went into battle.

Leonard was killed; and Allanbrook's refusal to honor their mutual Masculinity blighted the rest of Allanbrook's long, 20th-century, heterosexualized, life.

Life expectancy in ancient Greece wasn't very great.

There were many wars; and many young Men, and not-so-young Men, died in those wars.

Or from other causes.

But before they died, they'd at least Lived as MEN.

Fully and completely.

Freely --

and Naturally.

On this Memorial Day -- and every day -- it's our duty to remember that;

and to resolve, as did our American Founding Fathers, that Warriors of the future, like those of the past, have as their right Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Manly Happiness -- at its fullest and most truly Masculine.

Thank you RM.

You're a true Warrior.

Bill Weintraub

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