read something every day



read something every day


I read something every day and have learned alot from personal stories. Does anyone take the time to read? The knowledge I have gained has given me confidence in who I am as a male. I still have a lot to learn from personal stories and will continue to read them and I sincerely hope that others do also.

Bill Weintraub

Re: read something every day


Thank you Robert.

Robert's right.

There's a huge amount of material from which you can learn, and most important, be supported -- here in Personal Stories.

More than 800 pages and thousands of individual posts.

Many are from me, but many are from other Men as well.

And we're all, like Robert, your fellow Warriors.

So: absent what I feel you guys need -- which is real-world, real-time support via Regional Chapters --

but which none of you is willing to do --

the best you can do is read -- every day if possible -- a post in Personal Stories.

Because otherwise -- if you're gay-identified you're left drifting in analist space; and if you're straight-identified you're stranded in heterosexist space.

And neither are good places for you to be.

This board is here to help you.

And I hope you make use of it.

Particularly during this time, when, due to Patrick's illness, I'm not able to get new posts up as soon and as frequently as I once did and as I would like to do.

But I do have, for example, a post in the works from a new guy in New Zealand -- he's a good writer and I'm sure his words will resonate with many of you.

So guys -- hang in there, ck the board regularly, and if possible, try to read something -- every day.

Thank you Robert.

You're a true Warrior.

Bill Weintraub

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