The Most Erotic Form of Lovemaking

John Renard

John Renard

The Most Erotic Form of Lovemaking


Re: Musings of a Black Gay Man into Frot

Hello Bill and list:

I just read the above article by DB and was prompted to respond to him. I thought that I would share what I wrote as follows:

Hello DB.

I just read your article advocating frottage and appreciate your straightfoward approach to the issue. I am a bi married male who has always felt that the emphais on being top or bottom was greatly exagerated. And my e-mail address has nothing to do with my preferences!;-) My first real male lover introduced me to the cock to cock massage (I was totally inexperienced with m2m sex) and that really blew my mind. It was the most erotic form of lovemaking that I could ever have conceived. Of course our dicks were sensitive, but the total package of having our bodies so close and engaged was the most satisfying experience that one could hope for. I loved being able to memorize his body with my own., as if we were attached at our nerve endings. I could leave him after a session and still feel him with me for hours afterward, Focusing on just the cock and upon some oriface to plug it into was minimizing the real joy of being with a man. I am in my sexties and I have never had anal sex, and sucking has only been a preliminary to the whole act.

I was delighted when I found Bill Weintraub's site, for it promotes what I have felt was the ultimate satisfaction in male to male lovemaking.

Thank you for your sincere and candid discussion.

Best regards,

John Renard


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