Hey guys have you heard that there is another pill to help prevent HIV infection? The analist faction is upset because it is only 44% effective and they object to its approval by the FDA. That means that it is ineffective 56% of the time. All the pills and condoms in the world are just maintaining the status quo. Men are still dying and the beat goes on "use a condom every time." Still they lay on their backs and spread their legs. Still they are on their hands and knees like a dog in heat. They never admit that Men are dying each day yet they cry out about an ineffective pill. What about the sacredness of the male body. What about the self respect and dignity that every Man deserves which is the foundation of our Alliance? We represent a threat to the ASO's and the pharmacy industry which is making billions off the suffering of others yet we never hear one word about anal penetration which is killing Men every day. To you new guys who may be reading this post read the personal stories and articles written by Bill. If some of you do it may save your lives. Virtue is Life. Phallic Bonding is Life. Brotherly Love is Life.

Reply from:

Bill Weintraub

Re: Gilead


Thank you Warrior Robert.

Guys --

We discuss Gilead's pill in Prudence or the Pill.

Be sure to ck out Prudence or the Pill to learn more about Gilead's particular form of "pre-exposure prophylaxis" --

and the Manly alternative.

And remember what Warrior Robert has said:

Bill Weintraub

July 4, 2011

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who reject anal penetration, promiscuity, and effeminacy
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What does Tacitus mean by "fine old Roman character?"

He means Warrior -- the Republic was shaped by Warrior values -- of which the most important was Virtus -- Martial Courage -- which, as we'll see in a forthcoming post, was characterized by "Aggressive Bravery."

And of course -- Honor.

The Honor of Free Men.

What was left of that?


It had been replaced, says Tacitus, by "slavish obedience."

What does Tacitus mean by "the fine old Roman character"?

Basically, as classicist J E Lendon puts it, the Romans of the Republic were "a martial people governed by a warrior aristocracy."

How is that different from the Spartans?

Answer: The Spartans were a Warrior aristocracy -- a self-governing Warrior aristocracy.

Nevertheless, the values of Republican Rome were Warrior values -- in particular, Virtus -- martial courage.

Which among the Romans was characterized by, as Lendon, who has a way with a phrase, says, "Aggressive Bravery."