You are not a vessel



You are not a vessel


I sincerely believe that a male who takes the semen from another male into his body is trying to incorporate the masculinity of the other man. It is akin to cannibalism where in some preliterate societies the flesh of their families is consumed so that their ancestors will achieve immortality or their enemies become completely absorbed. I am disturbed that some effeminate males by consuming the sacred fluid of a masculine male believe that they have absorbed him and that his masculinity is consumed and is part of them.

No man is the vessel of another. That precious fluid was not to be absorbed in to a filthy hole but rather it was made to create new life within a Woman or be shared by two Men as a sacred act of bonding. Do not disgrace your selves by allowing some effeminate creature to take your seed and rob you of your Manhood! You are a MAN and you cannot let an analist walk away with that sacred fluid which is the essence of the sacred union between Warriors. Remember you are Warriors and not vessels.


Reply from:

Bill Weintraub

Re: You are not a vessel


Thank you Robert.

What Robert is pointing to here is the essentially parasitic and vampiristic nature of analism.

Rather than a sharing between two equal beings, in analism the bottom preys upon the top.

The illusion is that the top is in control -- and physically he is.

But while seemingly in control, he's being robbed of his semen by the rapacious and Man-hating bottom.

Yet, and at the same time, the seed thus stolen is useless to the thief.

Lacking both vagina and womb, what passes for the bottom's body can do nothing with the sperm and seminal fluid, which is soon excreted.

Having left behind it, however, any number of pathogens which are quickly absorbed into the shitfairy's blood.

The bottom seeks to steal Manhood.

But acquires only decay and death.

In the meantime, the top congratulates himself, believing he's played a man's part.

But no one's deceived.

He hasn't made love to a Woman.

He's brutally penetrated another male.

And any pathogens in the bottom's rectal fluids remain with his penis and are soon absorbed into his body.

Both buttboys believe they've bested the other.

But their parasitism is pathological.

They think they've mocked Creation.

But as Danielou says, all they've done, through the degradation and debasement of their bodies, is abandon themselves -- to death.

Bill Weintraub

Guys --

I could have ended this reply with those little rhetorical flourishes -- pathological-parasitism and degradation-debasement-death.

And that would have been effective and more than effective.

But -- there's something else I want you to understand:

Anal penetration, promiscuity, and effeminacy -- the three defining characteristics of analism -- are also artifacts and instruments of OPPRESSION and SELF-OPPRESSION.

As my foreign friend says, the analist ghetto is the mutilated and negativised remnant of male-male which remains after its OPPRESSION and SUPPRESSION in the majority culture.

Which has been thoroughly heterosexualized -- that is, made mixed gender.

Again: these three behaviors -- anal penetration, promiscuity, and effeminacy -- appear after male-male has been mutilated, negativised, oppressed and suppressed.

And, HISTORICALLY, they are NOT at all typical of male-male.

Historically, male-male has been Martial, Masculine, and Faithful -- Monogamous.

Or, put more poetically:

And poetically -- in writers such as Plato, Pindar, and Theognis -- is how the truth of male-male has most often been expressed.

But it's not just poetry.

It's history.

And I spell it out for you in The Warrior Bond.

And it's not hidden history or secret history or esoteric history.

It's well known and very well documented.

Here's just one example:

Harmodius and Aristogeiton.

They were Athenian Warrior Lovers who plotted to and then did murder a tyrant who tried to violate their vow of Fidelity -- and Harmodius' ass.

That's what it was about.

Hipparchus -- the brother of the ruling tyrant of Athens --was pressuring Harmodius -- hugely pressuring him -- to bend over.

Harmodius wouldn't do it.

He had taken a Vow of Fidelity and he kept it.

But both he and Aristogeiton knew that Hipparchus could and would resort to force to get what he wanted.

So they killed him.

They were killed as a result -- but their act of defiance sparked the movement for Athenian democracy -- which was eventually, and with Spartan help, successful.

I give you all the details in The Warrior Bond; and I strongly encourage you to ck them out.

Because that's the HISTORIC reality of Manly Love.

That's what it historically has ALWAYS been.

But think about it.

Nowadays, the buttboy aka shitfairy would sleep with Hipparchus in order to gain some advantage: money or power or both.

And no one would care.

And why should they?

It's just one more fuck in an endless stream of fucks.

Fidelity doesn't exist.

Promiscuity -- and anal promiscuity -- rules.


Historically, MAN has been FAITHFUL to MAN.

Phallically Faithful.

Phallic Fidelity.

Phallus and Fidelity.


Any time you engage in anal, promiscuity, or effeminacy, you're oppressing yourself -- and betraying the Truth about Men Loving Men.

Again -- any time you engage in anal -- or promiscuity -- you're oppressing YOURSELF.

And that is exactly and precisely what the analists, the buttboys, the shitfairies and deathfemmies want you to do.

Oppress yourself.

So -- Robert's right.

You're not a vessel.

Or a whore.

Or a disembodied dick.

You're a Man.

You need to re-claim your Masculinity and your Manhood.

Which are yours by right of birth.

And you need to think of your Phallus and the Phalluses of your fellow Men -- your Warrior Brothers -- as the physical symbol of Manhood -- and therefore, as Sacred.

Otherwise, you'll do what the buttboys want you to do --

Partake of their pathological parasitism.

And, through the degradation and debasement of your body, abandon yourself -- to death.

Bill Weintraub

November 10, 2010

© All material Copyright 2010 by Bill Weintraub. All rights reserved.

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