Sex and Aggression


Naked Wrestler

Sex and Aggression


This is an email from Warrior Naked Wrestler.

Naked Wrestler is a real wrestler who will be competing at the Sydney Gay Games, and I value his insights.

Socrates said "The unexamined life isn't worth living."

In his contributions to Warriors Speak and his emails to me, Naked Wrestler has been carefully and thoughtfully examining the relationships among sex and aggression and wrestling and frot -- in his own life.


I love that Greco-Roman sculpture of "the wrestlers" where the top guy has his opponent's leg grape-vined as he's pulling up on the far arm to pull the body over for a strike to the face. It's an awesome image of a fighter about to beat his opponent into submission. For the audience it's a very sexually charged part of the fight; and ironically it's the most desperate part of the fight for the combatants.

I remember that from submission wrestling matches I've been in. If you're about to take some punishment on your way to submitting, the flashes of fear are unreal. If you're the wrestler about to realize a victory, you have a flash of total aggression and 0 sympathy that is a feeling of ecstacy unimaginable. And it's great to shake hands after, to get back to civility.

[At Sydney] it's going to be great being around a couple hundred guys into fighting and wrestling, who also like each other's bodies as opposed to the usual take-me-home-and-butt-fuck-me crowd like you find at bars. More and more I find I just don't like a guy if he doesn't have some ability to fight.

And if a guy wants to get butt-fucked it says to me that he's already submitted and the excitement of the fight is already taken out of it all. The turn on is two guys who want to dominate by fighting until one is forced to submit. Then the dominant fighter is man enough and respectful enough afterwards to let his defeated opponent keep his dignity. In that way they're both ready for their next fight -- as dominance-seeking males.

Does that make any sense?

Bill Weintraub

Re: Sex and Aggression


sure it makes sense -- it makes perfect sense

the whole m2m trip is about males -- that's the thrill

and males are about aggression

but -- if during the aggression you turn one male into a pussy -- then what have you got? it's no longer two men

so for men like us that will never work

that's what the analists don't understand -- they've been hitting me with "you're homophobic for attacking effeminacy"

BULLSHIT -- they're homophobic for creating it where it never had to be

even in a combat sport scenario, you don't have to emasculate your partner

but mainstream gay male culture has emasculation built-in to *every single sexual encounter*


some of us don't like emasculation

some of us think it's weird to turn a man into a bitch

that does not make us homophobes

we love men and sex with men just as much as you do

as a matter of fact, we think we love men more than you do

and we certainly respect them more than you do

because neither before, during, nor after sex, do we expect or want them to give up their masculinity

or endanger their health

or get shit on their dicks

we also think we respect women more than you do

because we don't dis women or ourselves by gettin into drag and callin each other cunts

so before you call us homophobes you need to look at your own self-loathing and misogynist behavior

and before you tell us that guys like the naked dude are "violent" cause he likes fighting, look at the violence you do to yourself and your partner each and every time you stretch his hole or take his dick up your ass

we're men who love men -- including, sometimes, their and our natural male sex aggression

what we don't love is making males into simpering whimpering disease-ridden caricatures of women

the plain truth: what we do is healthy -- physically, psychologically, and spiritually

and what you do isn't

you know that, and that's why you call us names

but you're the ones who are so full of self-hate that you need a vast cultural apparatus to continually convince yourselves that what you're doing isn't what it so obviously is -- emasculating, humiliating, and homophobic

while we're just men who love men



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