S&M the fascist game



S&M the fascist game


For years I believed that people who practiced BDSM where the most sexually liberated and progressive people. However the reality is that they are practicing a form of fascism. One partner by virtue of genetics completely dominates and breaks the perceived weaker one. Although most will not admit it Anal penetration is a form of S&M and fascist. Although participants say it is only a fantasy, or scene, I know from experience that the mental and emotional trauma can last for years. I'm very fortunate that I never got that much into it. I have suffered from low self esteem and depression from a very early age. I found myself attracted to bullys who validated my low self image and at the same time gave me sexual gratification. Over time you just begin to believe that you deserve and even enjoy it. The more degrading the better.

I used to believe that that's the way the world was but in reality that was the way I was creating the world. I always presented myself as a good natured liberal but I have been mentally sadistic to myself for years in the guise of hipness and fasionable nihilism. Now I am changing my thoughts and my life. It's not easy to change old habits but I am making every effort to have more healthy sexual fantasies and experiences.


Re: S&M the fascist game



Your struggle to recognize your full humanity is something most of us can recognize within ourselves. That struggle is a gift to us all.

Thank you.

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