We have to be vigilant against influences that might try to drag down the sense and meaning of the MESSAGE this website contains for practicing a healthy and responsible MALE to MALE bonding.

I understand that one good reason to promote COCKRUBBING as the BETTER choice of male to male sexuality is the "safer sex aspect" which is very important for sure but let's don't forget the (SOUL; LOVE) aspect which is so basic to us and which i reckon is the main reason we actually identify with this movement.

A "healthy body" is very important but a "healthy soul" is very desireable as well.

Yes it's important to take on SEXUAL topics like indicating the safe sex aspect of cockrubbing but lets not forget that cockrubbers (that's what i guess) are basically not sexualized individuals (sluts) but warrior individuals that care...

For us warriors this "healthy soul" is delivered by STABLE MONOGAMOUS relationships.

For us it's important to CONTROL SEX but not to be CONTROLLED BY SEX.

This control that is so basic to us is achieveable by mutual acceptance of a monogamous relationship regardless of how long the relationship goes.

Love is a discipline (monogamy), the feelings that come later are what we earn by practicing this discipline.

And discipline is a basic virtue of a warrior.

Of course we can respect such a point of view for ourselves and live after it.

But living in a society where currently the analists have taken over and are promoting promiscuity and "no-strings-attached sex adventures" it is quite hard to live and maintain virtues like pride, loyalty, love .... emotional harmony in general. It's not surprising that drug abuse and sexual excess is so common nowadays.

And im not talking here about the occasional joint (grass smoking) or occasional one night stand, which is ok if you're single.

If the ANALISTS are currently ruling and their weapons are ANAL SEX, PROMISCUITY AND OPEN RELATIONSHIPS, it's clear what our weapons are:




We have to bring the analists under control, no more letting them rule us but ruling them.

That's our fight.

A key element in my thinking for this fight would be the full support of the cockrub warriors and men of The Alliance for the establishing of SAMESEX MARRIAGES in addition to the existing DIFFERENTSEX MARRIAGES.

To repeat myself, the meaning of MARRIAGE has to shift from the classical meaning of "reproduction" to an up-to-date meaning of MARRIAGE as regulator of individual sexual behaviour in society.

So we have this "regulator" element and in the end everybody is "free to choose" what "sex" he or she wants to marry.

By the way, just to mention, if this sounds a bit christian... :) well it's definitely not.

And i think i made clear in my previous post that i'm definitely not christian.

I just think samesex marriage is a basic human right and it has nothing to do with any religous ceremonys but a procedure that should be in the interest of every state or nation and that should be done (processed) by it.

Sorry for sounding so dry :) but thats basicly because my english is still not the best.

And last but not least it might be as well one of our basic interests.

For with MARRIAGE as an accepted regulator of individual sexual behaviour in society we would have a tool to fight the analists and their fucking lifestyle that is so destroying to us.

Sir Robert


I agree with you Greg. The message on this site can become lost if we fail to be vigilant. I too think it is important to not forget the soul love aspect of our beingness. A healthy body, healthy soul, and a healthy mind are all important and intricantly intertwined.

We are warriors who care and we are not sluts ("sexualized individuals") and I too think it very important that we control sex and not allow it to control us. Love is a discipline and discipline is a basic virtue of all warriors.

There is no doubt that the BFD of the analist is in control nowdays but I wonder how many men would break away from that dictatorship if they found out there was another way (frottage) and another group of men (cockfight warriors) who rejected the tyranny of the analists. I think there are many men in gay culture or on the fringes of gay culture who are there simply because they desire a place to belong and I bet they'd walk away from the analists in a heartbeat if they knew about this frottage group of warriors we have on this site. This is another reason why it is so important that we get the message on this site out to others because if we don't put the message out then they will not know there is an alternative to the analists dictates.

The analists have not only done a real "number" on men's bodies but also on their minds and their souls. Many a man under the insanity and tyranny of the analists are a broken and psych-spiriutally enslaved man. This frottage site raises the flame of freedom and liberation. It is also a place of acceptance, of mutual insights and values, and it is a place of belonging for men of our own warrior kind.

We have values and honor. The analists don't and they don't promote values and honor either! How can they when they themselves know nothing about either? What the analists promote is the destruction not only of the human male body but also of the male mind and male soul. In other words they slaughter human beings!! You're right Greg...the analists ARE our enemies and they DO deserve to be ruled over but I go beyond that because in all honesty I think the analists tyranny needs to be forever ended. I think they have already slaughtered enough human males.

The link to this website ought to be thrown up in every gay establishment and published in every publication imaginable so that men would know there is an alternative and that they DON'T have to any longer live under the destruction and oppression of the BFD of the analists. We won't win our battle if others don't know we exist or where we come to share and commune with our warrior cockfight brothers.

As for marriage I believe it is a legal term and warriors have something beyond marriage. It's called spiritual partnership. We are spiritual partners with our lovers and yet that is exactly what marriage is suppose to be instead of just a nice legal arrangement. I agree that people, male or female, ought to be aloud to marry an adult of their own mutual choosing regardless of gender. That establishes a legal partnership between the two adults but spiritual partnership also has to come between the two people otherwise their marriage is just a legal arrangement.

In male bonding their is spiritual partnership because we view this male bonding as something honorable and sacred between two equals. Instead of humiliating and degrading eachother Cockrub Warriors esteem eachother and lift eachother up instead of ripping eachother down like the analists do. In frottage their is more than a dick-to-dick connection because there is a mind-to-mind and soul-to-soul connection which is formed. This connection is the ultimate sex and the ultimate union and bonding between two males. Compassion, loyalty, and real love are established through this act of male bonding and spiritual union and these are all attributes of spiritual partnership.

In my opinion, anyone and everyone who is against the destruction of another human being ought to stand up to the analists and fight against them because they have already destroyed too many human beings with their teaching, norms, and insistences to engage in the anal sex, the ultimate act of human degradation and male disempowerment.

A truly empowered male is one who is powerful in his body, mind, AND soul. This is what C2C Warriors advocate as well as liberation from and destruction of the BFD of the analists. In contrast, what the analists advocate is WEAKNESS and DIS-empowerment in the male mind, body, and soul. Take one look at them and you can see this weakness and disempowerment. But, we don't have to hate them because most of them are victims of the BFD. Instead of hating them we ought to take them and teach them a different way, OUR way, the Way of the C2C Warrior and in the process we will be teaching them how to be what they already are (ie: MEN). Instead of them being ashamed of their manhood we can teach them to be proud of it. Instead of teaching them dishonor we can teach them honor. Instead of teaching them how to coware down we can teach them how to be Warriors who are brave, loyal, strong, and disciplined. And, most of all, we can teach them that they DON'T have to engage in anal sex in order to love and be with other men.

And ancient military and warrior strategy holds that the best way to destroy your enemy is from within its own ranks. History has proved time and time again that this strategy is highly effective. So, one by one, man by man, we begin to destroy the dictatorial and enslaving BFD of the analists from within their own ranks as we pull their members towards becoming a part of our own ranks and as we watch the analists dictatorship fall one by one, man by man. This site and others like it are already doing this as men are coming to this site and realizing, "Hey, I don't have to have anal sex to have sex with other men".

We are warriors. We are proud. We are disciplined. We are loyal to ourselves and to each other and to our cause. We are a brotherhood of MEN first and foremost. We are the vanguard of liberation and we must spread that message of freedom and alternative to the whole world because the analists have already spread their sick message to the whole world.

Sir Robert



I agree with your message that a healthy soul in a healthy body is a 'good thing'. It seems to have become a denigrated and derided goal in society in general and not just in the arena of male-male relationships. I've seen guys online write that sex isn't sacrosanct - sacred, holy - for them, and that's their choice of course, however there's not a lot of 'room to breathe' for guys (and probably women too) who feel that sex and soul go hand in hand.

The only part of your message that I wasn't clear about was when you said "And im not talking here about the occasional joint (grass smoking) or occasional one night stand, which is ok if you're single." Why are they ok if you're single? Are we not 'warriors' when we're single? Of course, everything comes down to personal moral choices, and we have the legal freedom to make those choices in most cases, but I don't understand the difference between a one night stand, and twelve one night stands. For me, soul love and casual sex are worlds apart, whether that casual sex is a one-off, or a series of one-offs. I don't believe in rigidly holding ourselves to our personal moral codes, or beating ourselves up when we 'fall off the wagon', because I think the ensoulment of sex is a continual process or journey rather than a situation of 'you either have it or you don't, and once you've got it you never lose it' - if only life were so simple ;-) But that process and journey does need discipline - a much misunderstood and deeply unpopular virtue at the moment.

I also support your call for same sex marriage. For me, marriage is a legal recognition of a contract between two people to sustain a relationship of equality to one another, and I see no reason whatsoever why that should be limited by tradition to male-female partnerships. It's interesting that my dictionary gives the root of the word 'marry' as 'maritus' which means 'married man', and therefore is inherently gender-biased in any case. My point being that the concept of 'marriage' is completely outdated and needs to be brought into the modern world.





As "ManSense" says in his last post "soul/love and casual sex are worlds apart",its not that i dont agree with this point of view and maybe simply my expression "one night stand" was wrong chosen ,but let me give some explanation to it.

First i think that most of us agree that,




are the basic virtues of a WARRIOR.

In my last post i was mainly concentrating on monogamy and relationship and trying to give my thoughts to it.

Now lets do the same with cockrubbing.

As for "sexual encounters" of warriors its clear that they differentiate of that of the analists.

Warriors never go into sexual adventures just for the pure sake of sexual satisfaction like the analists.

There is always the urge in us to go for more and to go deeper,to explore and to connect to the body and person of the one we feel drawn to.

Thats why a sexual encounter between two warriors will most likely end up, if not in an relationship than in a friendship.

Basically our "warrior" nature is to look for a "partner for life" and not for that one night pleasure.

And "yes" we are always warriors, not just when we are in a relationship.

But,we have to take in account that we nowadays do not live in ideal times.

Unfortunately, the ruling ones currently are the analists, so are ruling, anal penetration and promiscuity.

Today it's not just difficult for warriors to keep up a harmonical soul it's even difficult to keep up the faith of "cockrubbing" itself,as for that what it actually is,


It's not that warriors can loose their sexuality but dissapointment and bad experiences with guys are throwing shadows on our souls and this of course affects our sexual feelings.

And than the constant propaganda that the so called "real sexual act" is "anal sex" and that cockrubbing is actually no real sex.

No wonder so many warriors get insecure and letting them lure into this anal shit, where they will never find real satisfaction anyway and get destroyed in the end if they dont get the turn.

Once for all there has to be a stop to this destroying process. vWe have to hit back.

Of course even the "occasional one night stand" is meant for more than just one night of sex.

But the sad fact of today is that it seems that a majority of men today think otherwise.

But instead of getting dissapointed again and collecting more and more depression on our souls, we warriors should know better.

If we are not able to gain more out of an sexual encounter with a guy than at least we should take the chance to teach him about correct male to male bonding by giving him the chance to experience a confident cockrubber at work.

Alone this can give us warriors not just sexual pleasure but as well satisfaction by taking the "cockrubb control" over this situation and teach this guy about "right male sexuality"

Each time we teach sombody we give a blow/punch to the dominant anal http://culture. This is teaching on the first front.

And each punch is sweet revenge.:)

Well obviously there are a lot of guys to be taught and i'm not saying that we have to be restless teachers, i'm just trying to explain what the thought behind my line was "an occasional one night stand is ok if youre single"

We have to get confident into our sexualities, which means as well being able to act confident in a sexual encounter even if it stays just an sexual encounter and no more.

Our kind of sexuality is anyway DOMINATE/MASCULINE to anal which is PASSIVE /FEMININE.

One thing for sure we will always be open fore more in an encounter but we have to be able to master the explicit sexual side of our nature as well.

So far for "cockrubbing"


05-04-2003 08:20am



Let me add some words to my last post about(Lets say "revenge sex" of "single" warriors for the cockrubb warrior cause).

The beautiful thing on cockrubbing is that it's a kind of sexual expression that always carries in it the seed of love, life and awakening.

In contrast to anal sex that has the seed of destruction and death.



A reminder every warrior should always be aware of.

If we all would live in ancient greek times i guess a movement like "this" wouldnt be neccesary.

We would not have to discover again our own sexual roots and defend them against our common enemys, christians and analists.

Emotions and behaviour codes that are so natural to us had been more or less integrated in cultural mainstream at that time.

But unfortunately these times came to an end about 2000 years ago.

Its up to us, our will and strength and intelligence to bring back these golden times again.

A modernized ancient culture adapted to the enviroment of the 21 century.

For this we have to fight on all fronts.

"REVENGE SEX" is maybe not something what was known or neccesary in ancient greece but in my opinion its useful and necessary nowadays.

We have to be able to match the analists in all aspects of life including the exciplit sexual ones.

One importat secret weapon of the analist dictatorship was and still is "sex but no feelings"

You engage into an sexual encounter with a guy expecting more because it's natural to you, but you get dissapointed.

Now add some more dissapointments to youre personal experiences and the destruction of your "soul love" power takes its way.

All this is based on the practice of anal sex.

To make our fight succesfull we have to turn the tables here.

"Revenge sex" if accepted could be our secret weapon.

"Revenge sex" gives us the possibility to take control again of our own sexual life (if we cant do anything at the moment for our craving for the partner of life, then let's do something for the cockrubb warrior cause).

Revenge sex can boost our sexual confidence.

It lets us live out our natural sexual dominance to the analists.

It clears our souls.

It brings our message to the guys straight away.

Show them, teach them assimilate them.

One by one the anal empire will crumble.

One more time just to mention, i'm not saying that we have to be restless teachers.

Because basically we all want to find our guy we can connect in a spiritual way (which is very nicely described by "Sir Robert" in his last post to this topic).

But on the way to it and as long as we are singles i think the occasinal "revenge sex" should be ok.

It will help to break the ice it will show the guys that there is another way.




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