Straight8 Acting??


Robert Loring

Straight8 Acting??


There is an ongoing conversation on a board from another group I belong to regarding Straight8 Acting males who like other males. The conversation went around the circles of being a top or bottom and eventually came to a discussion about straight8 acting gay men. The question was posed, "What's ACTING about such men?".

Indeed what is acting about straight8 acting gay men? It's NOT acting at all in my opinion. Straight8 acting gay men are masculine men just trying to be themselves and they are not acting at all nor do they have any desire to act and try to be something they are not. I think it is the tops and bottoms who are doing all the acting. Trying to be something they are not. I don't see any acting in straight8 acting gay men at all but I do in top/bottom men.

I think males should be MALES just as they were created to be. I think men should be proud of their natural masculinity and honor it instead of being ashamed or it and dishonoring it. I think when males give into the top/bottom roles prescribed by the BFD that they dishonor their innate masculinity. They become feminized males lost in the illusion that sex must be feminine/masculine and who seem not to realize sex can be masculine/masculine and M2M.

Recently I've been hearing a lot from other dudes along the lines of how they had to "learn" how to be "gay." Frankly, that amazes me! They had to LEARN how to be gay? Why didn't they just make the choice to be themselves? Why didn't they make the choice to be straight3 acting gay males who honor their manhood? Why didn't they reject the choice to become feminized ACTING gay males? No need to answer these questions because I already know the answers to all of them and the answer is that the BFD does NOT accept the "straight8 acting" male. In fact, the BFD rejects the straight8 acting male because the straight8 acting male who is not acting at all but who is just being himself is a nonconformist who refuses to fit into the dictates of the BFD.

Being a straight8 acting gay male is NOT acting at all. Such a male is just being REAL. He has no need for the fakery so prevalent in the gay subculture today and he rejects the prescribed roles of the BFD of top/bottom. He is a MAN just simply being a MAN and who likes having sex with other MASCULINE men. There's nothing acting about him at all.

No male should have to "learn" how to be gay! A gay male should simply be allowed to be himself as he was created to be complete with all of his innate manhood and masculinity. When we have to "learn" how to be something we are NOT then there is something WRONG! We might play the role of the feminine BUT we will never be the "woman."

Many straight8 acting gay males have been ruined by giving into the ACTING roles dictated by the BFD and many have paid the ultimate cost through disease and death. I think gay male culture needs to stop the destruction. I think they need to start honoring innate masculinity and stop honoring the feminized roles pushed upon those who think they must "learn" how to be gay.

Be PROUD of your masculinity and just be a straight8 acting male WITHOUT the ACTING! Be the masculine male you were created to be and reject falling into the ACTING roles of top/bottom. No male should have to "learn" how to be gay! A gay masculine male should simply be allowed to be HIMSELF with all his masculinity and love for other males that comes NATURALLY! There is NOTHING ACTING about such a masculine male. The actors are the tops/bottoms. Think about it!!

Sir Robert

Greg Milliken

Re: Straight8 Acting??


I have no way of knowing for sure, but I imagine the phrase "straight acting" originated from gay-identified men who stay in the closet. For example, someone would be "straight acting" if he pretends to be girlfriends with his good female friend in the company of his non-gay friends.

Over time it has probably been bastardized into meaning simply someone who is masculine and normal instead of the raving twink patrol that tries so hard to be glamorous but just ends up looking like a bunch of clowns.

I think, in part, that would reflect the hypocrisy inherent in mainstream gay cultures views on everything.

For example, take someone who is gay and thinks that because he is gay he has to act a certain way.

He sees someone else who identifies as gay, is out, but has rejected the feminized behaviors and effeminate frame-of-mind that characterizes the BFD.

Instead of just calling him masculine, he instead calls him "straight acting," because a personal attack is often based on our own frame of mind.

So if you know you are trying to act feminized, you look at someone who isn't, and you think they must be trying to act masculine. Otherwise they would be acting feminine, right?

It's a similar hypocrisy to people who oppose this movement.

They will loudly and proudly proclaim they are against barebacking, put social and cultural pressure on people to stop barebacking, and even criminalize it when two serodiscordant people have sex without disclosing their serostatus.

Yet when the frot movement tries to put that same social and cultural pressure on people to stop penetrating each other anally, we are "the sex police."

And it's not even our goal to criminalize anal penetration.

We just want people to change their views about it.

And there's a good reason that the BFD is so blatantly full of hypocrisy.

It's based on a lie.

Anal penetration isn't sex.

Promiscuity (and I would say nymphomania) isn't better than monogamy.

And men are men, not pseudo-women.

And so everything within the lie of the BFD is hypocritical, as you would expect something which doesn't deal with reality to be.

Greg Milliken


Re: Straight8 Acting??



Thanks so much for your web site!

This is adding to the string by Robert Loring on Straight Acting: I am not young anymore (75)!, but while I have for many years been attracted to and enjoyed looking at male bodies -- especially naked ones -- I have never felt "gay" or wanted to identify myself with the gay culture. Thanks to your site, I now know why: I dislike effeminate men. Although I am a musician and consequently come into contact with many homosexual men, I could never "come out" of the closet (if I have ever been in one) because I never associated myself with the gay culture. While, I don't hunt animals or play football or any other sport (not talented that way), I want to be a man and act like one. So thanks again for your great site.


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