First Frot and Subway Frottage



First Frot and Subway Frottage


First Frot

I was a junior in high school, back in 1965. It was during our lunch period when i had to take a wicked piss. Knowing that the boys room would be filled with students at the beginning of the period, i waited till the middle of the period so that i wouldn't end up with a hardon watching the other guys. About halfway thru lunch i go to the boys room and to my surprise there are three other guys at the urinals. Well too fuckin bad I had to piss.

When I approached the urinal the three guys moved closer to the urinals and i thought that odd, but i went on with my business of emptying my bladder. Suddenly the guy next to me looks over to my urinal, so i say to myself, "OK he wants to see", and i showed him. With that he moves away from the urinal and shows me his erection. The other two guys follow suit. so that's it they're all jerking off together. So i start working my tool also. We watch each other wanking and then we shoot our load into the urinal. The guy next to me he says that they do this every day during lunch and asks if I would like to join them every day. I of course said sure why not so every day during lunch we'd whack off.

After a couple of weeks, I went to the boys room as usual and only found John standing there. I asked him about the other guys and he said they weren't in school today. So we start jerking off, when I said to him wouldn't it be more exciting if we jerk each other off. He said " I don't know wouldn't that make us queer like?" I said hey it's up to you. A few strokes later he says listen you can stroke my cock but i'm not doing yours. I take his hard cock in my hand and start working it up and down. Before I know it, he takes my cock in his and starts to jerk me off. Crossing arms and whacking can be a little difficult, so we turn to face each other to make it easier. Man we're so hot now that we don't even realize that our cocks are touching each other's cocks. Then we really put our cocks together side by side and our hands pushing back and forth on our precum leaking cocks. Just before shooting we turn back to the urinals and let our cum out. John and I did this about 2 or 3 times a week at his house till we graduated and went our separate ways for college.


Subway Frottage

This is a true story about my experiences on the F train in New York City. summer came early in June 1980 and the temperature in NYC was already steamy when i started out for work. The bus to the subway was not air-conditioned and by the time I got to the subway I lookd like a wet cat. Got down to the subway station where it's about 20 degress hotter than outside. More persperation. Train comes in, and shit no air-conditioning, so I decide to stand by the doors in order to get some warm air hit me when the doors open. By the third stop, my car is packed with with passengers. At the fourth stop, this very good looking guy tries to get in, so I give him whatever room there is available and he squeezes in. He's wearing tight jeans and wife beater T-shirt. I said to myself, " Shit this guy is hot".

There's no room in the car even to sneeze. This guy is now pressed against me, face to face. I can feel the heat of his crotch against mine, so I try to become smaller, because i'm starting to get a hard on. So what does he do? He squeezes closer to me. Now his crotch is against mine, and as the train jerks back and forth, so does his crotch. To myself I said," Oh fuck, he wants to rub crotches together and so do I". so I start returning the favor. By now we are both rock hard and rubbing our cocks together through our pants. Needless to say we both shot in our pants, but it gets even better.

The following morning, I take the chance and do the same thing and stand by the same door in the same car, and don't you know he's there at the same station. Jammed packed with people we immediately start rubbing our cocks together. This went on for about a week. On the second week we become bolder. As we rub our cocks, he decides to open his fly and mine, puts his hand in my pants and feels my throbbing cock. I of course do the same. Next, he pulls out my cock and puts it in his pants and puts his cock in mine. Now we have our cocks in between each other's legs and cock humping each other. How long can two hot guys last before blowing their load? Not fucking much. We both blew our load almost simultaneously. this went on for about a year, then suddenly I never saw him again. i still think about him after all these years.


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