Boy this is me...this web-site...I've always had trouble about my sexuality because I knew I was a man...not fem at all...I drank and did drugs for so long because of it...especially where I was raised down South..conservative family..the only guys I knew were frat brothers and all straight friends...I did have sex with some after getting drunk at parties etc...but it was frot that I got off on not anal...just wasn't for me...I've really discovered something genuine and not to be ashamed of... and that gives me some great peace spiritually and emotionally ... I've always believed in monogamy and past relationships that I've had were ended because I wanted that and they wanted the other shit ... Thanks for opening a door finally for me..I'm going to post on the Frot Club Mass site and see what happens...Thanks, again Bros..Scott



Re: Thanks...


Isn't it great to discover that we were not alone; that it was okay; and that what we desire is masculine. I know what you mean about monogamy and have been in a relationship for over twenty-years now. There is hope and I just wanted to encourage you and others.




Re: Thanks...

hey Scott...i felt the same way when i first hit this site...i have become more confident in a lot of ways...because i can look at myself in the mirror and know that i am what i am supposed to be...i know that i am a warrior and that i am masculine...and that if i ever were to be with a guy i woud do is a wonderful feeling indeed...and it was like a weight was lifted...because i was struggling with feelings for guys and not wanting to be "gay"...but that is because i associated being gay with being anally penetrated...

i know this is not the case now...and i know that i can express myself as a warrior and as a man...and as a man who loves both men and women...and be at peace...


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