Life in the trash heap

Bill Weintraub

Bill Weintraub

Life in the trash heap


In the message thread titled THE POWER OF THE MASCULINE, we introduced the ideas that all Masculine-identified Men are brothers; that the gay-straight divide is false; that such a divide has been introduced through the forced heterosexualization of society; and that in a more natural state, neither homosexuals nor heterosexuals would exist.

But in our little corner of the time-space continuum, they do exist, at least as categories, and the result has been to relegate men who love men to gay ghettoes.

As my foreign correspondent puts it:

Gay men are one of the most ardent supporters of heterosexualisation. They represent the dust bin created by the heterosexualised society to contain the mutilated / negativised remnants of male-male sex that survives after the intense oppression of them in the mainstream...

Look at his words:

"mutilated / negativised"

Those words call to mind something my late lover once said to me: "How many men are forever marred and scarred for being gay?"

"marred and scarred"

"mutilated and negativised"

When you make MEN live lives which are UNnatural -- that's what happens to them.

They become marred, scarred, mutilated, and negativised.

We can see that in a series of news articles which have appeared over the past few weeks.

In the first two of these articles, two state courts have essentially raised the bar on risky sexual behavior.

That is to say, they've made it more difficult for people who spread HIV to escape responsibility for their reckless and dangerous acts.

The first article concerns a gay man who was married to a woman, and who concealed his gay life from her, and gave her HIV.

Risky Sexual History Should Be Bared to Partner: Top California Court

By Glenn Chapman

Agence France-Presse

Wednesday 05 July 2006

San Francisco - People who spread HIV can be held legally responsible even if they didn't know they had the deadly sexually transmitted disease, California's top court said in an unprecedented ruling.

The four-to-three decision by the California Supreme Court cleared the way for a woman to dig into the sexual history of her husband, who reportedly hid a risky gay lifestyle behind a facade of feigned monogamy.


"This is a sad case," Justice Marvin Baxter wrote in the opening sentence of the ruling issued on Monday.

"We conclude that the tort of negligent transmission of HIV does not depend solely on actual knowledge of HIV infection and would extend at least to those situations where the actor, under the totality of the circumstances, has reason to know of the infection."

The ruling was described by rival attorneys as a groundbreaking shift to holding people legally responsible for spreading the AIDS virus without "actual knowledge" such as test results.

"Simply put, it means that even though you didn't know, you should have known," the wife's lawyer, Roland Wrinkle, told AFP on Wednesday.

"If you act negligently while driving and injure someone ... the negligent person bears the burden. Why should it be different with a disease?"

The husband and wife, identified in Los Angeles County court paperwork only as John B. and Bridget B. for privacy reasons, began dating in 1998 and married in July of 2000.

John B. told his bride that he was monogamous and disease free, according to the suit. The husband has contended in court that he tested negative for HIV during a physical exam in August of 2000 for a life insurance policy.

John B. was diagnosed with full-blown AIDS the following year, a fact that Wrinkle said indicates he was HIV-positive prior to the marriage.


After they both were diagnosed with AIDS, John B. admitted to his wife he had sex, at times unprotected, with men prior to their marriage, the justices noted in their decision.

Bridget B. charged in her suit that her husband continued the practice after they wed and used the Internet to arrange dates with men.

A "should-have-known" standard regarding HIV is likely to encourage people to get tested and staunch the spread of the disease, the justices reasoned.

"The judges believed it enforces responsibility so this epidemic gets cut back," Wrinkle said. "There is no question in my mind the should-have-known standard will have a salutary effect."

"To the extent people thought they could be reckless and irresponsible in these types of situations and would not be held accountable for that behavior - that is no longer the case," Wrinkle said.

[emphases mine]


IN this second case, another gay man is accused of concealing his HIV status in order to have unsafe sex with his male lover:

Appeals court OKs prosecution of HIV-positive sex partner

The Associated Press


HARRISBURG, Pa. -- A man accused of concealing his HIV-positive status until after he had sex with his lover can be prosecuted criminally, a Pennsylvania appeals court has ruled.

A three-judge Superior Court panel said a Berks County jury should decide whether Samuel Cordoba’s alleged actions amounted to a "gross deviation from the standard of conduct that a reasonable person would observe."

The appeals court reversed a county judge who had thrown out the charge of reckless endangerment.

Superior Court Judge John T. Bender noted that not every exposure to the bodily fluids of someone who is HIV-positive is infectious.

"However, in order to make out a prima facie case for recklessly endangering another person, the commonwealth need only establish that the defendant's conduct placed or may have placed another in danger of serious bodily injury or death," Bender wrote.

The alleged victim discovered prescription medication he suspected was used to treat an HIV infection after having consensual oral sex with Cordoba in June 2003. Cordoba allegedly later admitted to the man that he was HIV-positive or had AIDS.

The victim has since undergone regular testing and results have been negative for any infection, according to court records.

Cordoba's lawyer, Tom Lonardo, said he wants to take the case to the state Supreme Court because prosecutors refiled the charge after it had been dismissed for the first time. The decision issued Friday concerned the appeal of the second dismissal of the charge by Berks County Judge James M. Bucci.

Lonardo said the statute of limitations has expired, and noted Cordoba spent six months in jail awaiting trial for a charge that carries a two-year maximum sentence.

"This opinion basically criminalizes HIV sex, period," Lonardo said. He would not say whether Cordoba knowingly concealed HIV or AIDS from the alleged victim.

Bucci wrote in a January opinion that there was no evidence Cordoba knew he was HIV-positive at the time he had sex with the alleged victim and there was no evidence that HIV can be transmitted by the type of sex the two men engaged in.

[Not so.

There's plentiful evidence -- see Important new HIV risk study ; also Orally transmitted STD among gay men; and Why Be Faithful.]

State law makes it a felony for an HIV-positive person to perform prostitution and there are laws that make it a crime for prisoners to expose guards to HIV-positive bodily fluids.

"But the Legislature, despite having ample opportunity to do so, has not expanded such laws to the general public," Bucci wrote.

Allowing such prosecution, the judge said, could "open the floodgates to jilted lovers and angry spouses to file charges after a relationship has soured."

Prosecutors wrote in an appeal brief that the allegations fit the language of the reckless-endangerment law.

"He exposed another to the risk of HIV infection without at least informing that other person of the danger," they wrote. "The seriousness of HIV infection is so severe that for defendant to have acted in this manner is a gross deviation from any reasonable standard of conduct."

[emphases mine]

Bill Weintraub:

"a gross deviation from any reasonable standard of conduct"

I titled this message thread life in the trash heap.

I've often commented in the past on how gay men have created a "community" riddled with disease.

For saying which, of course, I've been told that I'm homophobic and should be put in jail.

But the fact is I know of no other culture on the planet in which it's acceptable for human beings to knowingly and recklessly infect each other with diseases.

And it's only been very recently that the courts have begun to step in.

But they shouldn't have to step in.

The first case was unusual in that it involved a gay man and his wife.

Usually these cases involve gay men.

The point is that the gay male community knows that this happens and has been happening and should have stopped it years ago.

That hasn't happened.

We're often told that gay men are family to each other.


What man would knowingly give his wife cancer?

Or his kids diabetes?

Throughout the epidemic gay men have shown a callous disregard for the lives of other gay men which is very striking.

Including all those years when gay men were genuinely oppressed by straight people, and especially by fag bashers.

If you want to hurt someone, after all, shouldn't you go after the person who's trying to beat you to death?

That isn't what happened.

Instead gay men infected EACH OTHER with HIV.

That is mutilated and negativised behavior and "a gross deviation from any reasonable standard of conduct."

And it's indicative of life in the trash heap.

I think of the man whom we suspect infected my late lover.

Brett was letting him fuck him because he wanted to be in a relationship with him.

Brett was very handsome -- you can see for yourself -- and had many admirable qualities.

But after a couple months, if that long, the guy walked out on him.

Very common in gay male life.

Did that guy know he was infected?

There was no HIV test back then, but there was plentiful reason to be cautious.

Because he certainly knew his sexual history.

Brett too should have been cautious.

Instead, and living in a trash heap, he let himself be used by a man whose only interest was -- in using him.

Now, I know some will say the gay community responded heroically to AIDS.

Not so.

I was there bro.

Some people responded heroically -- some gay, some straight.

Most people did nothing -- or worse.

And it still goes on:

Australian Man Faces 46 Charges Of Spreading HIV In Gay Community

by 365Gay dot com Newscenter Staff

July 15, 2006

(Melbourne, Australia) A Melbourne man is in jail awaiting trial on 46 charges of deliberately spreading HIV through the city's gay community.

Michael Neal, 47, was originally charged with 35 counts of intentionally infecting another with HIV and intentionally and recklessly attempting to infect. The charges involve five victims between the ages of 35 to 45 between 2000 and last year.

Two of the victims have since tested HIV-positive and a third is awaiting test results. The remaining two were HIV-negative.

Police said that Neal was diagnosed in 2000. He also faces child pornography charges police said.

Following publicity surrounding the case and the release of photographs to the media of Neal another 11 gay men went to police. The additional charges were laid on Friday.

Police allege that Neal met the victims in parks and other areas where gays cruise for sex and on the internet.

He allegedly tried to get one victim to help him spread the disease and drugged another man - who is now HIV-positive--because he refused unprotected sex.

Bill Weintraub:

35 counts is a lot.

But think how high the real figure might be.

This started in 2000 and went on till 2005.

If a guy's poz, and he has five partners a month, which is very conservative, for five years, he can infect 300 guys.



In the meantime, Cleveland is opening a new gay bathhouse.

Bathhouse spurs HIV concerns

Cleveland health officials push for prevention measures at new club Sunday, July 16, 2006

Regina McEnery

Plain Dealer Reporter

The transformation of a defunct Greyhound bus depot into one of the nation's largest gay bathhouses promises to revive a battered stretch near downtown Cleveland but has sparked concerns that it may also fuel the growth of HIV/AIDS.

The Flex club, which is slated to open next month, will become part of a chain of six bathhouses extending from Atlanta to Los Angeles.

The upscale, 50,000-square- foot complex in Cleveland will feature three pools, two saunas and a gym and include 110 cabanalike spa rooms equipped with cots and televisions. There will also be 18 hotel rooms and a restaurant.

Charles Fleck, the chain's founder and owner, hopes the glitter, amenities and size will draw men from around the world.


It's mind-boggling.

There's no question that bathhouses are the most efficient place to spread HIV and other anally-vectored diseases.

The role of the bathhouses in spreading HIV have been detailed in every history of the epidemic, including Rotello's Sexual Ecology: AIDS and the Destiny of Gay Men.

And by epidemiologists.

This is from a poster presentation in Taipei in 2002 by James Chin, MD, MPH, Clinical Professor of Epidemiology, School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley.

It's titled:

Understanding the Numbers and Basic Epidemiology of the HIV/AIDS Pandemic

Epidemic Sexual HIV Transmission

Anal intercourse is probably more efficient for HIV transmission because of increased tissue trauma.

In the absence of facilitating factors [such as infection with anal HPV -- and most gay men are infected with anal HPV], the risk of HIV transmission via sexual intercourse can be several hundred times lower than for many other sexually-transmitted-infections (STI).

However, epidemic HIV transmission can occur in large sex networks where there is a pattern of multiple and concurrent sex partners because such large networks usually result in a high prevalence of factors that can greatly facilitate sexual HIV transmission.

As HIV prevalence within these large sex networks increase, the reproductive number (Ro) of HIV also increases.

Gradients of Sexual HIV Risk Behaviors

MSM [men who have sex with men]

Highest -- "Bathhouse" type setting where large numbers of MSM have up to 10-20 sex contacts in a single day or night

Moderate -- Sex with multiple partners on a concurrent basis

Low -- Sex with multiple partners on a serial basis

According to James Chin, MD, MPH, Clinical Professor of Epidemiology School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley, "epidemic HIV transmission can occur in large sex networks"; and the "Gradients of Sexual HIV Risk Behaviors" for MSM are "Highest in a Bathhouse type setting where large numbers of MSM have up to 10-20 sex contacts in a single day or night."

But Cleveland says it needs the tax revenues (!!!)

What are they thinking?

How much will it cost society to keep these guys on antiretrovirals the rest of their lives?

This thing -- this bathhouse -- will have "110 cabanalike spa rooms equipped with cots."

"Cabanalike" -- that means small and presumably not fully enclosed.

With cots.

110 little rooms with cots -- like a whorehouse.

The beauty of it is that the entrepeneur, a Mr. Fleck, doesn't have to pay the whores.

Instead, they pay him!

Kinda like a pimp, but he has no upkeep.

He doesn't have to feed the whores or house them or anything like that.

He just pockets the money.

Two saunas -- for group sex -- and 18 hotel rooms, which Mr. Fleck hopes "will draw men from around the world."

To his bathhouse, where they can transmit any diseases they might have to other men who've come from around the world.

Notice also that the Cleveland whorehouse will be part of a chain of a six from LA to Atlanta.

That's what Dr. Chin means by "large sex networks."

A chain with hotel rooms and guys coming from all over the world and having 10-20 partners in a day or night.

Question: where's the protest from the gay community?

The only purpose of a bath-house is to facilitate promiscuity.

That's its sole function.

Its purpose is to enable "large numbers of MSM to have up to 10-20 sex contacts in a single day or night."

That's it.

That's what a bathhouse does.

We're in the middle of an epidemic which has cost 500,000 American gay male lives and there's another 500,000 infected.


While one arm of the gay community fights for gay marriage in the courts and legislatures, and loses, another arm is opening bathhouses to facilitate infidelity.

That's life in the trash heap.

The dust bin.

This is what happens in a community controlled by feminized males who are bent on stripping Men of their true and natural masculinity.

While the larger heterosexualized culture continues to LOUDLY proclaim that men who love men aren't real men.

That's a lie.

Here's the truth:

The Love of Man for Man has historically been one of the highest expressions of the human spirit.

In the heterosexualized West, that love has been mutilated and negativised, and those who practice it marred and scarred, even unto death.


Many, if not the MAJORITY, of males have gone seeking MANLY bonds with other men only to find themselves lost in the muck of the gay ghettoes dominated by feminized males. Mistakenly, they have believed that this is the way but, in fact, it is NOT the way. They believed they found masculine bonds with other men but they found only cheap sex with feminized men. The point of their quest was missed and finally LOST! We cannot only thank the gay ghettoes for this but we can also thank our larger society who is so psychotically BENT on homophobia! We can also thank Christianity and it's FUCKED UP concepts concerning sex on ANY level and with any one.

"Just as it's UNnatural for a MAN to live entirely without the company of other MEN. Left to their own devices, MASCULINE MEN will seek to bond sexually and otherwise with other MASCULINE MEN."

No man can live in a bubble. No male can live and be happy when he has not bonds with other men but only women or pseudo-women (feminized males). Maybe that's one reason for the high alcoholism, drug addiction, and suicide rates among feminized gay men. MEN DO in fact NEED the company of other MASCULINE MEN! And, it is very true that when left to their own devices masculine men will in fact seek to bond with other masculine men sexually in some way. Frot is USUALLY the way that bond is established. Anal is NOT!

"MEN need the FREEDOM to once again say YES to other MEN."

Our SICK and LOST society does NOT value FREEDOM even though it makes claim to. What our fucked up society TRULY values today is ENSLAVEMENT and CONTROL on a psychospiritual level of every MALE today! Modern society is a HYPOCRISY in which we claim to value FREEDOM yet we do everything in our power to ensure that no member of society really has freedom. That's hypocrisy!

To truly be FREE males MUST be allowed to bond with other MALES! They must be able to not simply value and think about the NATURAL brotherhood of man BUT to actually LIVE IT out in their daily lives WITHOUT fear of all the homophobia STIGMA that exists in Western Society today! MALES must be allowed to simply be WHO and WHAT they are as they were created and divinely intended to be. They must be allowed to share emotions with each other, to be tender with each other, to love each other, and YES to sexually bond with each other!

© All material Copyright 2006 by Bill Weintraub. All rights reserved.

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