Unexpected frot adventure
a true memory



Unexpected frot adventure--a true memory


My true story starts out a bit slow and mellow like love does till it captures one's heart and works its magic leading to an ultimate climactic ending.

A few years back I attended a cheery fun evening Christmas party (about 30+ gays from all over the Bay Area) in San Francisco; an ideal time to be with friends and meet new interests. I was young and dealing with my own sexuality. I admit some guys had already taken advantage of my naievete, so I was still cautiously trying to figure out how to get the best of a straight world upbringing and to understand a confusing gay culture; I was positive I didn't fit into either comfortably. Sure, I dated for years more out of friendship or expectation, but the thought of sex with women was repulsive and my closeted world was one of intense fantasy to be with men sexually, romantically and in every way intimately. I always felt liked and respected for being true to myself and my personal convictions. Being around anyone who smoked, drank or did drugs never made me feel pressured into wanting or using those things or to avoid being a friend to those so engaged; gay bars were a place to dance and meet some other low-key dudes who may have been 'out of their element' in a gay bar just like me. I was more of a 'cruiser'--out for the thrill of the hunt if you will.

I never considered anal sex and was always a preferred 'frot' man (a name not really understood by me till recently) looking for guys with similar taste. I'd seen my share of gay mags and videos, but the natural beauty of naked men and those sexually engaged in 'frot' really 'turned me on' in my rather inexperienced state, and I fought off attempts by anyone wanting anal sex; cock and balls for me man!; kissing, feeling, etc.; I was lucky to find guys who seemed to really like it even if it wasn't their ideal sexual choice.

OK, back to the party....I noticed this hot young guy (about 22) arrive with a friend of his, obviously not as a couple. His medium length jet black hair and fair white skin were as appealing as his young refreshing smile; he carried himself with a gentle, kind, self-assuredness unlike most others I had met. Wanting to get "acquainted", I smoothly moved to the room where he went to leave his coat; as his slim build in those tight bluejeans appeared from under his coat, I had to force my now near rigid 'hard-on' from being too noticable or exploding from my sexual attraction to him, like the sensation of meeting a 'first love'. He introduced himself and throughout the course of the evening, we seemed to be back in the bedroom talking several times, and he just hugged me each time for more than a brief moment as though we were close friends; I melted! The party was great, but this guy "stole my heart" like a forest stream touching the rocks along its banks as it flowed naturally around each bend on its predestined course. To shorten the story, from that evening this guy and his friend and I connected and we shared some fun times of food and laughter together as only gay guys can.

I finally arranged to spend a full day of quality time with him at his invitation being we didn't live that close to each other. We attended a public place and I later joined him in an act of kindness to someone in need. Nearing dinner time, we picked up some 'fast-food' and drove to a quiet community park to eat and talk. I had some cool pictures of a camping trip to share, but part way through them and running out of time, I said to myself, "this is stupid, I need to focus on this guy".

We decided to leave and drive around the area. With a little hesitation, I reached over and grabbed his hand; so soft and gentle; and he didn't let go. We had no plan of doing anything, but his stories of growing up gay gave him a definite advantage to my awkwardess like one learning how to dance for the first time. Being winter, it quickly got dark and cold. In our meandering in the car, we ended up in a hilly area just away from any homes in town, and promptly stopped to 'relieve' ourselves.

In the moonlight, we walked in different directions to seemingly safeguard our individual modesty, stopping about a hundred feet apart to 'take care of business'. As we walked back towards the car, he joined his arm with mine, turned me towards him, and to my excitement and sudden amazement, leaned into me and kissed me long and deep. I was shaking from the cold as well as from the sexual surge throughout my body, and he held me tightly as we ran our arms and hands all over each other's heads, backs and butts; then he grabbed my crotch and I nearly 'creamed' my pants. No one had ever done anything quite like this to me before; it was so natural and romantic. I felt his 'man-meat' through his jeans with my hand as we kissed and he was 'rock hard'; our groping continued as our tongues explored each other's mouths; to experience this pleasure with this hot stud was incredible. It was really cold and we broke to get back in the car.

Instinctively, without removing our shoes, we tore our clothes off and pushed our pants down to our shoes, but not completely off. It didn't take long before the inside windows were steamed up and we were 'hotly' exploring each other's bodies. He slowly pushed me backward down onto the front seat as our lips met again and again; our chests made contact and, for the first time, he laid his huge cock on mine and I was overcome with the intoxication of his manly smell as we began to aggressively hump and grind each other into total passionate bliss. His mouth moved back and forth from my cock to my mouth and we kissed and kissed; I could not get enough of this georgeous young man. We fought around the steering wheel, and amidst our few words, we jokingly hoped no patrol car was out in the area. His control was incredible, so slow and calculated, and as the time came for him to think about getting back home, I pulled him down on me one last time as his soft lips meshed with mine; I held him tightly as we rubbed cock to cock fast and furiously until I shot load after load of cum between us; I then felt his volcanic eruption between our abs as we stirred up our love juices; this was 'heaven'. We lay there panting and kissing and grabbing each other's cocks for a few minutes until we were fulfilled and spent. I felt so much love and mutual excitement with this guy and never felt like I was being used. We laughed about not really having anything but the clothes we were wearing to clean up the front seat, but we didn't care. I figured it would take a week to air the car out before anyone would question the 'love fest' that took place inside this old car. We held hands and as was possible while driving back to his place, we kissed and kissed; never since have I felt such tender and experienced lips and I did not want this moment to end or our lips to part.

No adventure had ever been quite like this, and I knew there was nothing more fantastic than to share such a beautiful event face-to-face and cock-to-cock with such a hot young stud. It is a true memory, and even now I can almost still feel him pressed against me with those sexy eyes and fantastic mouth/lips, and smell the sweetness of his crotch as we made love in the contorted space between the doors and the steering wheel with our pants down holding our feet together because we were too hot and horny to completely remove them for this unplanned and unexpected bump and grind spectacular moment.



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