we're just men!



we're just men!


I have checked out the site man2man alliance !

It's strange for me to discover that many guys are like me...great !

I'm living with my lover (man) for 9 years now, and we suffer both from lonlyness regarding our sexuality : we're not gay, we're not straight, we're not into anal things, we're 100000000miles away from "gay culture" ... we're just men !

I'm also into martial arts, akido more precisely.

If what I live and write can help someone, great!


Robert Loring

Re: we're just men!


That's right Nils we are all "just men"!! We are men who happen to love other men. We are men who are proud of our masculinity and maleness. We don't have any need to wear a mask be it of machoism or femininity. We are just ourselves and we value ourselves and refuse to play the gay game of anal sex.

There are a lot of men out there like us I think but many don't know that there are groups like this site who have come together. There are also many men in mainstream gay culture who play the top/bottom role just to fit in even though they don't like it. They too are unaware of groups like this one or that there are actually gay men in the world who have the gutts to say "NO!" to the analists.

Sir Robert


Re: we're just men!


We are Men! I have an old friend whose influence on me years ago is probably greater than I had imagined. He once told me "First I am a man... and maybe four or five rungs down the ladder I am a gay man. My homosexuality is just a part of me - it does not define me" I took the words to heart. I have always had a strong independent spirit and his words helped me remain that way. But over the years I found myself in situations where I considered, then tried anal. Trying to be open minded I though maybe there was something that I was missing out on. But these experiments were never satisfying. They only proved to me that anal was a repugnant practice that was good for only one thing - getting the top off!

I've had the good fortune of having had some great j/o and frottage sex with some wonderful men. I just wish that it hadn't been the exception. I hope that for my sake and the sake of new generations of men who love men that sites like this will help spread the word that man2man love is a beautiful thing and does not require anal. In fact, real man2man sex and love rejects the very idea of anal. Thanks for the great site!



Re: we're just men!


loving a real men - because we are men

I have found this site and feel good about it.

Having been around I feel strange in a real traditional gay environmnet. Often the emphasize is put on the femine side of gays. As I like men it bothers me to see them transfered into women.

Not that I cannot enjoy their enthusiasme and some are very sweet guys but I could never have sex with them.

Once I was "fighting" / rolling around with a guy and I got a real hard on so did he - but we did not finish it off.

Later I have met when travelling guys where their closeness gave me a hard on. Their eyes and their direct approch gave me the gitters.

Then finally I decided to try with a friend who more or less invited me. He is a real man - married and with a carrier. He got frightened of this feelings.

So that was that.

Later I fell in love wtih a beautiful guy and we stuck together and I was finally out of the closet. He and I got married.

We had seven years together and then he died.

Today I have many female friends and funny enough all strong women. They fear nothing from me maybe as they regard me as gay. Their way of business coinsides very much with mine.

I travel a lot and in many countries closeness is essential. We Scandinavians keep distance - especially man to man.

With other cultures I have had this extreme closeness when speaking to a man. I feel very good about it. They take on odours and they look you direct into your eyes as they stand next up to you.

I know it is a question of evalutaion - but wouv, is that exciting!!!!

I have lived in Algeria for 4 years where I had a lover. In this world sex is all rigth more or less between men but no anal activities. We had a great time together.

So, This was fine for me.

The feeling of having a strong body around you and pressing the bodies together finally getting a complete beautiful explosion as you hold tight around each other is so good.

I have always wondered that if you feel attracted to a man why do many gays choose a feminine version of a man.

I have to confess: I love real men. Good solid bodies!! - no slim teenagers.

Next the mental part.

Sex is not violent. I do not not like the leather expression of showing off.

Men has many feelings - but our societies around the world have taught us to keep them in a frantic fear of loosing power. The Roman Emperor Hadrian dared. Why don't we with a lot less to risk?

I live in Denmark, which is an easy country to live in as gay compared to so many other countries. I have live more outside Denmark than here. So I am not a local anywhere.

I know that this site distinguish between gay and men who like sexual contact with other men. It is a question of definition.

It has made it easier for me to tell my friends that I like the male body and the response is:

"I would never have thought that you are gay."

Our societies are made in such a way that we have to put each other into a well known box.

I had the advantage from the beginning, that my heritage was wake. I was here and there and everywhere. Good old family but different.

So as a teenager I was exposed to gossip and learned to live with it.

It took me a while but also to define what I liked, because wherever i looked it was just not me.

Maybe this is a way to find kindsman, but I live right now in Denmark and I am moving around.

Where I will end up ??????

Out of 6 billion people someone must have the same ideas.

I am not a 20 - 30 year old - but 50. Not to forget: looking good. Pretty good skier (former instructor) and horseback rider.

Here is my mail address:


Re: we're just men!


Chunky, I am so glad I found this web site so I am able to connect with other men who feel as I do about other men. I am 50 years old and married, but have always been attracted to strong muscular masculine men. Like you I don't understand why some gay men what to be like women. There is nothing like holding a strong man in your arms every inch of your body touching his. Thanks Bill for all you do. A donation is going in the mail.



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