The White Party vs Black Africa

Bill Weintraub

Bill Weintraub

The White Party vs Black Africa


I've been seeing ads on some of the gay sites for the White Party, which bills itself as one of the "Oldest Largest Most Glamorous Most Media Covered HIV/AIDS Fundraisers in the world."

The one in Miami claims to attract "25,000 revelers."

But the White Party and similar "circuit parties" are notorious for drug use and barebacking.

Indeed, the White Party website carries an ad for a big gay hook-up site, a site which was cited in a recent article about rising HIV rates in Washington DC.

A site on which many profiles carry the initials "BB" -- for bareback.

So the White Party merrily creates new AIDS "victims" while raising money to "fight AIDS."

And as such, it's emblematic of "HIV prevention" in the West: the US, Canada, UK, EU, and Australia / New Zealand.

For example, in Australia, as we've been reporting,

HIV-AIDS rates spiking: Govt

Monday October 23, 2006

The Queensland Government says HIV-AIDS infection rates are rising in the state.

Health Minister Stephen Robertson has released a progress report on the first year of a six-year strategy to deal with HIV, Hepatitis C and sexually-transmissible infections.

Mr Robertson says there are more than 100 Government-funded activities and initiatives to deal with the problem.

But he says complacency about the safe-sex message and better reporting could be leading to a spike in the statistics.

"The report shows some very concerning statistics, showing Queensland is following a national trend of rising infection rates of HIV, gonorrhoea and chlamydia," he said.

"Other states are recording similar, if not worse, statistics."

So the Australians claim to have "more than 100 Government-funded activities and initiatives to deal with the problem" --

which keeps growing.

Maybe those activities and initiatives aren't effective.

What are they doing in Uganda?

Uganda: Lugazi Youth Confront HIV/Aids Issues

New Vision (Kampala)

October 21, 2006

Posted to the web October 23, 2006

Esther Namugoji


Youth Alive Uganda last weekend reached out to the youth of Lugazi Town Council in Mukono District, to increase HIV/AIDS awareness.

Pupils from various schools marched to the tunes of a brass band, holding banners that condemned cross-generational sex.

The charity walk started at St. Kizito Primary School and ended at the grounds opposite the park, where the awareness rally took place.

According to the Programme Co-ordinator, Matthias Tezikuba, Youth Alive chose to have this programme in Lugazi due to the many negative stories that come out of Mukono.

Tezikuba spoke about the dangers of HIV/AIDS and cautioned the youth to abstain from sex in order to be safe. The theme of the event was 'Stop Cross-Generational Sexual Relations'. Most cases of HIV/AIDS infection have been through cross-generational sex.

"Cross-generational sex takes place when someone in a different age group gets involved with someone in a much lower or higher age group," Tezikuba explained in Luganda.

The pupils of various primary and secondary schools from Lugazi Town Council showed great awareness of the different consequences of a reckless lifestyle that could lead to AIDS. These had been learned through various Youth Alive activities in their schools.

Tezikuba decried the poor funding that is allocated to preventive programmes, compared to what is spent on the treatment of AIDS. He urged donors to be keen about behavioural change and abstinence programmes that help to reduce the rate of HIV infection.

The MP for Buikwe West, Hon. Norman Ibrahim Muwulize arrived and pledged his support for the fight against AIDS. He also condemned those agitating for the legalization of prostitution.

Heavens to Betsy!

In Uganda, a technologically backward African country which is still reeling from years of civil war in the south and an ongoing brutal war in the north --

they're actually reducing HIV prevalence by



Imagine it!

Instead of dancing around the issue with slogans like HIV is a gay disease, they're looking at an actual behavior -- in this case, sex between 40-year-old men and teenaged girls -- some of them as young as 13 -- and telling the teens to


Must be a religious right plot.

But it's working.

Goodness me.

Just like the Dutch experiment in non-anal alternatives worked.

Of course that was a plot too.

I'm not sure who was behind it -- but surely it was an anti-gay plot, because it discouraged men from engaging in anal penetration, without which gay lives have no meaning.


No, actually, there were no negative effects reported from the "don't do anal" campaign.

Which was discontinued nevertheless.

It's truly comical.

Aside from the reduction produced by a massive die-off of gay men between 1985 and 1995, the gay community, which is fantastically wealthy, has NEVER succeeded in reducing HIV prevalence.

To the contrary, it keeps going up.

But school kids in Uganda -- have and are succeeding in reducing HIV prevalence by curtailing sex and sexual promiscuity.


And in Holland, gay men didn't give up sex.

They just stopped doing anal penetration.

Which, after all, isn't sex.

It's just an imitation of sex.

You know dude, your tax dollars get funneled into analist "HIV prevention" campaigns.

After which, they get funneled into programs like ADAP which provide very expensive medications for people who get infected with HIV.

Does that bother you?

It's your money, and I know for a fact that the vast majority of you hold onto your money like it was --

your life.

Strange that you won't do anything about it, because those programs are robbing you of both your money and your life.

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