Who created unsafe sex?

Bill Weintraub

Bill Weintraub

Who created unsafe sex?


Recently an analist tried to post the following on this board:

no sex is really safe

That's easily the most amazing and self-serving analist lie in the whole buttfuck book.

And it's a long, very tedious book indeed.

First of all, guys, we need to be clear about what "safe" actually means.

As I explain in the definition of "safe", the terms "safe," "safe sex," and "safer sex," all refer to HIV and the likelihood of contracting HIV through a particular sex act.

That's what that those words and those terms refer to: HIV.

Prior to 1984, there was no such thing as "safe sex" or "unsafe sex."

There was just sex.

In 1984, however, HIV was discovered, and the mode of transmission of HIV among gay/bi/MSM (men who have sex with men) was identified:




Every gay/bi/MSM who is infected with HIV, contracted the virus either through anal penetration or, maybe, oral sex.

At a minimum, however, as I explain, reference, and footnote in an anus is not a vagina, 94% of MSM HIV transmission is ANAL.

The rest is oral -- and some researchers argue that at most oral accounts for only 1% of the total, that ANAL IS RESPONSIBLE FOR 99% of HIV transmission among MSM.

Among heterosexuals, HIV is transmitted by:

ANAL PENETRATION -- a woman is ten to twenty times more likely to be infected through anal penetration than through vaginal sex;

Vaginal sexual intercourse;

Sharing needles while doing drugs;

Mother to child transmission; and,

Oral sex.

But let's be clear.

About 40 million people, it's estimated, are currently infected with HIV throughout the world.

Literally billions upon billions of other men and women are not.

Right now, even as you read these words, all over the world, billions of people are having sex SAFELY.


Men are fucking women, men are rubbing cocks, men are jerking each other off, women are bumping pussies --


That's how it has to be.

Because if it were true that "no sex is really safe sex," the human race would soon cease to exist.

But it's not true.

Sex per se is NOT DANGEROUS.

Human beings were designed, created, and/or evolved to have sex.

Safely and pleasurably.

And that's what billions of people are doing at this very moment.

They are fucking like rabbits and rubbing like demons and suffering no ill effects.

Certain pseudo-sexual acts, however, among the most prominent of which is anal penetration, are by their very nature dangerous.

That's why the Bible specifically forbids anal penetration.

That's also why the Bible warns against promiscuity.

Because promiscuity creates the conditions in which disease can spread.

In the 1970s, gay men combined anal penetration with promiscuity and created the AIDS epidemic.

They didn't create HIV -- that already existed.

But they created the AIDS epidemic.

There's no escaping that fact.

Nor is that the only epidemic they created, in my view.

Prior to the 1970s, there were only two STD -- syphilis and gonorrhea -- and both were easily treated with antibiotics.

Then came the great anal "sex" frenzy.

And all of a sudden, hepatitis, herpes, HPV, chlamydia, and now LGV were major problems.

The buttfuck boyz created those problems.

The analists.

Through anal penetration -- what blogger Jim Lynch calls shit sex.

Shit sex is the problem.

Not sex.

But shit sex.

Here's another example:

Giardiasis didn't used to be a "sexually transmitted disease."

It was a disease you contracted by drinking water or eating food contaminated with the protozoan Giardia lamblia.

But in the mid-70s gay men came up with a new wrinkle on shit sex called rimming -- or, eating-shit sex.

And within a very few years giardiasis and other dysenteries were at epidemic proportions among gay men in cities like New York and San Francisco.

Shit sex.

Let's review that analist line: "no sex is really safe."

Based on giardiasis and other such analist diseases, we could say that "no eating is really safe."

But of course that's a lie.

Most of us eat every day in complete safety because our food has been cooked or otherwise processed in ways that are hygienic.

Eating is NOT the problem.

Eating shit is the problem.

Sex is not the problem.

Shit sex is the problem.

A problem brought to you by the shit sex brigade, aka the analists, aka the buttfuck boyz.


These guys created "unsafe sex."

So when an analist claims that "no sex is really safe," tell him he's wrong and he's lying.

The truth is that "no ANAL sex is really safe."

Because even with a condom, anal is dangerous.

Frot is safe.

I've done Frot for 33 years, 13 of which were spent rubbing skin on skin with a guy who was HIV + from the time we met and who eventually died of AIDS, and I've never had an STD.

Frot is safe.

If you are -- or your partner has been -- promiscuous, you may run some very slight risk of acquiring herpes or HPV from Frot.

I have little doubt, based on preliminary research reported on this board, that such risk is heightened if you're uncircumcised.

Right now, unfortunately, the religious right in Congress, whose behavior in this instance as in many others is criminal, is blocking further research which might confirm that earlier report.

Nevertheless, if you're uncircumcised you have to be more cautious, because foreskin has a mucosal lining and most STIs are vectored mucosally.

So: you may be pure as the driven snow.

Your partner, though a good fellow, may have acquired herpes somewhere along the line.

And if you're uncircumcised, and if he's having an herpetic outbreak, you may get herpes.

But -- chances are he got herpes through ANAL PENETRATION.

aka shit sex.

And that's what you need to be clear about.

Shit sex is the problem.

Not sex.

And were we to reduce the prevalence of shit sex among MSM, the prevalence of HIV and all other STIs among MSM would drop radically.

So "no sex is really safe" is UNTRUE.

There is sex which is really safe.

Indeed, most human sex is safe -- most of the time.

It's only among gay men and some HIV-affected hetero populations that sex has become truly dangerous.

And that's because of an anally-created epidemic.

We have it in our power to radically reduce the prevalence of STI among MSM by replacing shit sex with sex which is genuinely safe.

We can do it.

We Frot men are already doing it.

We're not the problem.

Shit sex is the problem.

The buttfuck boyz are the problem.

Analists are the problem.

They created and they are PERPETUATING unsafe sex.

Never forget that.


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