Cockrub Warrior

"Huge" is the only way I could describe his thighs, like tree trunks, monument pillars, these things were amazing. "He" is a body builder I met at my local gym a couple months ago.

He was 6' 2 235 lbs of pure black muscle. His muscle had that soft puffy look like an off-season bodybuilder before they cut down on their carb intake before competition. Damn, this guy was big, pinched at the waist, huge at the chest. His pecs were big enough that you could hide the tips of your finger under them. His abs were so big that they stuck out almost as much as his pecs. His ass was made up of these two massive mounds of flesh forming two oval semicircles. The ovals fitted together forming a deep long crack in his ass.

Sometimes during a heavy workout his spandex striped shorts would ride up till part of it disappeared into the crack of his ass. It looked as if the blue and yellow-stripped shorts were painted on his body instead of worn.

This guy wore a thong during every single work out and didn't try to hide it. I could see it ride up his love handles and out of his spandex shorts during squats and leg presses. He would get up from the exercise he was doing, jiggle his thighs and pull his spandex shorts so that it would cover up the thong. I always told him that I wished I had his thighs.

When he walked one thick thigh would roll past the other around his crotch. Then his package in the center would do this little jiggle move as his feet hit the ground. That shit made me smile inside every time. His balls didn't hang between his legs but were squashed out in front of them. This made it so whenever he wore tight clothes whether they be jeans, spandex trunks, or workout sweats you could see his entire package print -- balls and all.

I'm not a bad man myself, 6'3 225 lbs light brown skin bodybuilder. I have long muscular legs and a short thick torso. My ass could crack an egg if I tried. I sport a short military type fade with a trimmed stache. I have brown hair and nipples, some plump lips, and a fat 8 1/2 dick.

Bruce was a cool humble guy. Always cracking jokes but always focused on the matter at hand. Which was usually lifting weights. We would workout together, eat out right after, and sometimes we would stop by a bar for a couple of drinks on occasion. But there was always one thing I avoided with him -- the shower room. The shower rooms at our local gym were small bathroom-like cubicles with blue curtains. I would always be the first to take off my clothes and hop into the shower cubicle before I got a look at him taking his clothes off; for obvious reasons. I didn't want him to see me get too aroused. It was enough keeping my dick docile during our intense workouts together, but to see this mother fucker in his naked glory was something I couldn't take. I could see him watching me in the corner of my eye as I sped toward the shower.

It's funny because almost every time I walked away from him he did this little "Hugh" laugh under his breath and I could feel him smirk behind me. I didn't know if he was enjoying watching my ass or he knew why I was walking away so fast.

He told me that he used to be a wrestler in high school and competed nationwide. He also ran track for a little bit, but wasn't as good. We talked about a lot, poked jokes at other sports, weightlifting, about the girls we fucked in high school and college. He always had this superficial attitude toward women. Like bitches man whatever, like he could care less about them. "I don't even much mess with these bitches, all they give is problems," he says. Then one day he told me he hasn't been with any women since he left college 7 years ago. I kept telling him that he's a lying motherfucker. He says I'm serious man I don't mess with these bitches. The truth was, I didn't either. After my last break up three years ago I haven't had sex with any women. I never told him that though.

He was pretty physical with me too. I mean the dude would touch me in public like it wasn't anything big. He would put his hand on my shoulder while he talked about something deep. When he would give me a little direction when we worked out he would touch the muscle while saying the name of it like it was really necessary. He would say this exercise works this part right here real well, and he would rub the muscle on me. I never complained though, ever.

One day while we were finished working out in the gym, we decided to hit the showers. This time I had to use the bathroom before I got undressed. I stayed in the stall a little bit longer than usual so I could avoid seeing him undress. I got out, went to my locker and stripped. I flipped my rag over my shoulder and walked toward the shower stall.

Then I see him walking towards me. My eyes grew wide and my heart shot a surge of blood to my dick. I could already feel it swell. He had this wicked smirk on his face. I pretended like I didn't see him, and I walked a little faster toward the shower. He stopped me by damn near slamming into me. Our chests and the front of our bodies damn near bounced off of each other. He then put his arm around me and said, "Hey I forgot I wanted to ask a favor from you."

"Sure what is it?" I asked looking all around the place except at him. He squeezed my shoulder and pulled me closer too him till the sides of our bodies were squeezed up against each other. Our nipples were poking at each other with every movement.

"I having a competition next week and I need someone to check me over you know, to check and make sure I'm proportional and shit, okay? You think you could help me out with a little critique?"

Bruce's hand slipped down my back till it was resting on the top of my ass and his dick was jiggling against my thigh.

"Oh I can help you out," I said. I had a full boner bouncing up against my stomach. I tried to cover it with my rag, but it was pretty obvious.

"Cool, I'll see you at 10 tomorrow night," he said. He gave me a slap on the ass that echoed throughout the whole shower room as he smirked and walked away to his shower stall.

I showed up at his apartment that night. He wore the striped shorts with a thong underneath. I wore a tight thong instead of boxers just in case I got another accident.

He stripped and I looked him over in his little yellow thong. We stood by a big mirror checking his symmetry for about three minutes. He got out a bottle of oil and started rubbing it on his chest then he handed me the bottle. I looked at him wide eyed he looked back. "Come on man you're supposed to help me. I got to oil myself down too?"

I just shrugged and started in on the rubbing.

I was sitting on a chair and he was standing up. I oiled his front first. Then he put his leg up on the arm of the chair and held my shoulder for balance. I oiled in between his massive thighs while his dick rocked back and forth in my face. He then turned around and did a little jiggle with his ass in my face and pointed to his back. I oiled that up too. Then his beautiful round booty.

I handed the bottle to him and he looked at it and said, "Good. Just enough for you too."

I said, "Oh I don't need to get all greased up and critiqued. I ain't been hitting the weight that heavy for a while. At least not like you have."

"Come on man quit bitchin' let's see if you measure up."

"Nah Bruce, I'm not prepped, I ain't got no competition coming up like you."

"Come on, you afraid you might look worse than you thought, standing next to me?"

"Ahh now you went too far," I protested. I stripped quickly down to my thong. I looked in the mirror and we measured up pretty well together. He was a little more plump in the thighs and chest but everything else way equal.

He pointed the oil bottle to his shiny abs and said, "Look at dat boy, you ain't got dat!" I tried to grab the bottle of oil away from him but he turned away and said, "Don't worry. I got you man."

He stood up against me and started rubbing me down with the body oil. I started to get an instant hard on. He got down to rubbing my abs then my inner thighs and legs. Then he did something strange. He stood in front of me wrapped his arms around me and oiled my back and my ass. He oiled my ass; he was cupping his hands and squeezing. His entire front pecs, stomach, and thighs were pressed hard against mine. Our hard dicks touched underneath our thongs. He held my waist and put his head on my shoulder and breathed on to my neck. He nuzzled his nose into my neck and under my chin.

I grabbed his waist and pulled it into mine. We squeezed and ground together for a couple minutes. We stopped everything and kissed. He pushed me on the floor and stood above me. I lay there with my legs open. He got on his knees and lay down on top of me squeezing his waist between my big thighs till our crotches touched.

We ground crotches for about 5 minutes kissing and rocking back and forth. He pulled himself off of me and yanked my thong off. My erect dick flipped out and slapped me on my stomach. It lay there twitching. We sat on the floor and literally peeled his thong off of his sweaty greased up ass and off of his legs. Then he pressed himself up against me. He straddled my dick with his and leaned like a cowboy and ground back and forth. OOOhhhh yeahhhh. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back. He was playing with one of his nipples and with one of mine. He held my nipple between his index and ring finger and wiggled it back and forth between them. Just that sensation alone was incredible.

The grinding was driving me nuts. The oil made it easy for all of his weight to slip back and forth around my dick. I felt it all from the head of his dick to the dick ridge to the crease of his ass. He reached behind him and while he was grinding pressed his fingers into the hard ridge between my balls and my asshole. He pressed harder and harder in circular motions. I couldn't get enough air in my lungs. "AAAAHHHhhhh Shiittttt. Yeah!" I screamed.

I grabbed him and tossed him over me I grabbed him from behind and started to jack his dick and play with his balls. It felt so good to him that he collapsed onto his hands and knees. He was bent over, showing his big beautiful chocolate ass in its full glory. I grabbed it with both hands and caressed it all over while he jacked himself. I lined my dick up with the crack of his ass as he laid down. He tightened his butt so that my whole dick instead of the head was in his crease. I grabbed both his nipples and squeezed and twisted. He grunted quick, "UHH ruuuu UUUhh UUrrrrr." I ground against his oiled up ass and kissed his neck and back, squeezing and caressing. Then he turned the tables and flipped me around till I was on my hands and knees and my ass was in the air.

He pulled my ass into his crotch and bent his dick in the middle and pushed it into my crack. He put both hands around my waist and yanked me into his crotch squeezing my balls in the process. His dick was rubbing up against my left ass check and I could feel the warm drip, drip of precum sliver down the side of my ass.

"You said you like my thighs right?" he said.

"Hell yeah!"

"Worship these mother-fuckers then."

He lay on his back, and I licked and squeezed between his thigh and dick, I sucked on his balls.

He put his calves over my shoulders and tightened his legs up. I grabbed the oil and massaged the rest of the bottle between his thighs and I slipped my dick in between them. He was relaxed with his head back, jacking his dick. I went crazy on these mother fuckers pounding away between those thick muscular pillars. When the head and tip of my dick popped out of the other side of his thighs he would rub the palm of his hand against it.

The warm moist heat, the friction, it was too much. My dick went numb and then a huge surge of pleasure swept over my body and converged on my nutsack. The nut shot all over his chest and stomach. He licked his lips as he shot a huge load up in the air that damn near hit my chin.

I collapsed on his chest as the cum still warm dipped down the sides of our bodies.

"That's how the Greeks used to do it," he said.

That was two years ago and since then we have moved in with each other. We cook food and clean buck naked around our apartment. We watch TV and workout together. We have sex just about every day. We never fuck each other -- we have too much respect for each other to do that, plus we never really wanted to.

There was one quote that ancient Greek historians used to say about Alexander the Great and his military prowess. There was only one time that he was ever defeated in his life and that was by his lover Hephaestion's thighs. I could identify with that.

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