Cockrub Warrior Stockpeck

English translation
Cockrub Warrior Gerard

When two Hercules meet and help each other out!!!

Frottage is a French word that now has an international flavor for all. It is when two lovers enjoy rubbing one against the other relishing the feel of skin against skin, sliding together, hard nips on muscled pecs which caress each other and two hard cocks crossed like swords between two bellies, playing with each other while the men suck on each other's tongues.

At 22, Ben had already won a golden cup for the best athletic body. He loved to wrestle and had won the national cup three years previously. A steady regimen of intense exercise had sculpted his hairless body into a temple of muscle. All eyes turned towards him, guys and girls, whenever he walked along the street in a tight t-shirt.

He is now 28 years old, but has not lost any of his physical charm nor his sexual magnetism as he still works out strenuously hard every night. He truly is a superb mature male without an ounce of fat. Tonight, as usual, Ben is at the "Hollywood Gym" training his aching muscles but, tonight he is a bit bored, there seems to be no ambiance in the club. Even the towel boy has left, giving the keys to Ben, a regular, so he can lock up when he leaves. Suddenly the front bell rings. Ben takes a look at the guy who has just walked in. He can't believe his eyes: for so long he has dreamed of finding a soulmate ... or at least a bodymate, somebody his own age, virile and seductive like himself.

The new arrival goes to the counter hoping to be served, but finding no one, he looks around to find someone who can give him some information since it's his first time here.

"Could I speak to the manager please?" he asks Ben with a deep voice that instantly attracts Ben.

"He's gone home, can I help you?" Ben replies and is surprised to see a glint of interest in the stranger's eyes.

"I'm only in the city for two days and would like to pay for a few hours of exercise."

"Okay. It's normally 10 dollars per session, but since there's only an hour left tonight, I don't think you have to pay."

As he sees the stranger hesitate, Ben says quickly: "It's free".

Ben is a little surprised at his eagerness to give out free passes and at his becoming so familiar with this guy, he who his usually quite discreet.

Hoping the guy will not change his mind, Ben adds:

"Have you brought gym clothes?"

"Yes, thanks. I'm Vian by the way," the stranger replies as his eyes bore into Ben. Vian thinks to himself that he's finally glad to meet someone as beautiful as Ben and that at last this damn business trip is becoming interesting.

Both men are physical equals: same height and almost same weight and certainly same build. Ben has brown hair and Vian is a blonde with lighter skin. Vian is attracted to Ben's hard but tender voice: very masculine he thinks.

Ben keeps watching Vian as he changes. Ben admires Vian's large shoulders, so like his own, and as Vian takes off his shirt, he reveals similarly thick and muscled pecs, plus the arms of a python and legs of a soccer player.

Ben is breathless as he sees Vian's abs, a perfect 6-pack, the enticing V shaped back like his own. Finally, Vian is in only a very small bikini which shows off a very enticing package.

Turning around suddenly, Vian notices the lust in Ben's eyes and smiles:

"You're quite good looking -- what's your name?"

Ben blushes at the compliment and blurts out: "Ben! Let's hurry Vian! Do you need any help?"

"Sure, thanks!"

After warming up, they go to the bench press. Vian has trouble concentrating as he stares up at Ben's magnificent sweaty pecs. Both men try not to touch as they change their positions: they don't know why, maybe it's to get their muscles really enlarged or maybe to be cold like two str8s, or maybe it's because they don't want to get an erection just yet.

Then come the leg and arm exercises. They can now speak. They find out they are the same age and that they have followed much of the same training since an early age.

"You know Ben, we could be twins except that you are dark. "

After an hour of exercise, they show off in the mirrors, both complimenting each other on their muscles and then head off to the showers. Ben mentions that because of some malfunction, there is only one shower that works. Vian is overjoyed at this as he has been wondering how to ask Ben to shower with him.

Gathering up his courage, Ben asks: "Vian, since it is late, would you mind if we showered together?"

Vian smiles and answers: "No problem!"

Ben looks Vian over a bit more as they walk towards the shower room: strong chin, short hair. Vian is also examining Ben: brown skin, square jaw and a military cut. They both smile at each other and become accomplices without a word being said. They know they are attracted to each other and the silence only cements their bond. They have found Happiness, these Greek gods who were made for each other and who now know it.

Their shoulders finally touch and they can feel the heat from each other's body. They are both nervous, like two timid adolescents who can't believe that such joy can exist. They both take off their underwear and are now standing completely naked facing each other. Their cocks are similar and slowly growing in size and their balls are both low hanging.

"You first, Ben!"

Ben smiles and turns on the water.

Vian smiles also and says: "Can you pass me the soap?"

"Want me to do your back Vian?"

"I would love that Ben."

Ben doesn't have to be told twice. He loves the feel of Vian's warm muscles as he massages his shoulders, the massive neck and the wrestler's back. His arms encircle Vian and caresses Vian's pecs and prominent nips and then lower he feels the wonderful abs. Ben moves in closer and his hard pecs touch Vian's back. Ben's cock is now almost completely erect and is rubbing against the muscled asscheeks. Vian leans back into Ben and he turns around to face Ben. Suddenly he moves away saying: "Now it's my turn to help you." He grabs the soap and begins lathering Ben's back as their muscled chests touch, their perfect abs seem to mold against each other and their cocks mingle between their bellies shaft to shaft.

The soap makes a wonderful lubricant as their muscles move against each other. It's a beautiful moment when these two perfect males, fully conscious of their muscled bodies, slide against each other erotically. To feel their nips rub against each other, their legs wrapped around each other, is pure ecstasy.

Vian murmurs in Ben's ear: "How tall are you?"

Ben replies: "6' 2"

"I'm the same"

Vian is massaging Ben's back muscles, squeezing his asscheeks and feeling the massive arms. Ben is losing no time in feeling Vian all over as the soap helps them to slide and feel each other. It even creates a slushing sound. Both men hardly look at each other as their heads are on each other's shoulder. They don't want to cum just yet, they want to prolong the intense pleasure. Both are overjoyed to find out that they both love rubbing against each other, feeling muscle against muscle, the form of one's lover, their cocks grinding and rubbing together and their cockheads stimulating each other without pity, feeling another man's arms around you and smelling that male musk that comes from making love.

Their faces finally come closer. Ben's mouth moves onto Vian's and he plunges his hungry tongue into Vian's mouth to find its mate. They exchange spit and hungrily suck each other's tongues and feel every inch of their mouths. Both men are now crying aloud as their bodies move quicker against each other, their hips slamming into each other vlam! vlam! vlam!, their cocks fucking each other and their chests pounding each other.

They move directly under the showerhead and continue to devour each other in a passionate kiss like two wrestlers entangled, meshed together, crying, moaning, groaning with pleasure. The warm water excites them even more and with loud cries and deep groans their cocks explode together.

They stand embraced for a few magical moments, panting, and then Ben licks Vian's chest and nibbles at his nips with his teeth. "You taste wonderful," he moans.

Vian also licks his way down to Ben's nips and sucks them avidly. Both men play with each other's nips and massage their beautiful pecs.

"I'm going to cum again!" shouts Vian.

Both men reach down to grab their partner's cock and with the other hand pinch their nips.

With mad shouts and groans they both cum again as their tongues entwine in their mouths and the hot muscle boi jizz shoots out to mix with the water and soap.

The two men are now completely calm. Their bodies, still hard but relaxed, lean into each other for a bit under the warm flow of cleansing water before Ben reaches over and turns it off.

Vian looks at the changing room clock and frowns. "It's late," he says, "I've go to get back to my hotel."

Ben smiles. "No you don't, my handsome buddy. You're going to stay with me."

Vian grins from ear to ear. "I'd like that."

Ben kisses him gently. "We were meant for each other Vian," he says, as both men feel the stirrings of yet more love in their hardening cocks. "It's time for us to go home."

And so it is that these two present-day Hercules, these idols of the gym and heroes of the wrestling mat, find each other, and their life's loves, at last.



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