The answer to so many questions



The answer to so many questions


As asked by Bill, whom we all owe a lot, I post here the e-mail I sent when coming across these sites:

Browsing the web for basic info on a work-related subject, I came across your definition of FROT.

As I am a straight male, yet with a real need for male companionship and understanding, I sank my teeth into it.

I could not believe it!!! Your solution is so simple, so elegant, so... male, and yet it eluded me for years. I have never engaged in intercourse with my real friends - never ever dared to think about it - because all I could see was "suck dick" or "fuck ass" - both of them being absolute put-offs, in what I am concerned.

This is the essence of virile friendship - once you have shared the satisfaction of imparting pleasure upon each other, the feeling is complete. no more things to be implied, no hidden experiences.

Add to that the almost complete protection from STD - HIV included (I have a medical background, so I REALLY know what I am talking about) so no second thoughts when returning to the bosom of your family.

To this, Bill added:

"That's correct, though we do caution men to not be promiscuous.

We emphasize Fidelity and Frot."

Right again Bill.

So, I will really take my time to browse this wonderful website, and hopefully, soon, I will give the account of my first frot intercourse.


Oscar Moreno-Vallejo

Re: The answer to so many questions


Chris I am so glad that you found our sites and this way you could realize that you can fulfill your natural and legitimate desire for the contact with another man in an equal -- clean -- hot and very safe way: through Frot.

Phallus to Phallus sex is the fair balance between the irrational proposals of a cruel absolute abstinence and an unnatural denial of one´s own sexual needs pushed by religious fanatics

and the chaotic and commercially fueled suicide dogma of anal penetration and promiscuity.

Man to man sex is a joyous thing. Such a beautiful bond should be always free of guilt -

disease -fear -pain -filth -risk. and shame.

Such a precious gift from God should be always Frot.

Don't worry my friend: if you are noble -- strong and brave you will find your equal.

Your Heroic Frot Pal.

Welcome to the future of Homosex.

Welcome to the Man2Man Alliance.

Oscar Moreno-Vallejo

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